“So You Want to Become a Nurse…”

What is Nursing? Nursing can be defined as the general care of sick people, as opposed to the medical treatment of their diseases. A professional nurse is able to skillfully combine the art of caring with the science of healthcare. Nursing places its focus on the patient as a whole, rather than on a particular … Read more

Healthcare Professionals vs Certified Nurse Assistants

Photo by RDNE Stock Project from Pexels   In the diverse world of healthcare, every role holds its significance. Healthcare professionals and certified nurse assistants (CNAs) are two fundamental pillars of this sector. Their roles, while distinct, are essential to the smooth operation of healthcare systems. These professionals bring unique skills and perspectives, vital to … Read more

US med 2023

The Apprentice Doctor Academy’s Programs for Aspiring Medical Professionals – USA – 2023 Physical/In-person Medical and Surgical Skills Mentorship Simulation Program If you want to become a great medical professional – do not miss this for anything! Type of Program:: Day-students only (five days of medical/surgical simulation lecturing and mentoring) Program Classification: Accredited Medical and … Read more

The Apprentice Doctor® Student Grant/Bursary

The Apprentice Doctor® awards a yearly grant of $2000 to students who are passionate about medicine!  Next Grant/Award Selection: 31 August  2024  At The Apprentice Doctor®, we are passionate about assisting you in reaching your goals and dreams. In this spirit, we are awarding a yearly grant —a token of our commitment to you as … Read more

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Medical Shadowing Trip – Victoria Falls – 2024

A Simply Amazing Opportunity for all Aspiring Medical Professionals in the USA & Canada! Program Type: Residential Program for college and high school pre-health students Venue (Primarily Hospital): Livingstone Central Hospital, Livingstone, Zambia Classification: Shadow various specialties in medicine/surgery Dates: June 10-24, 2023 Booking status: Registration NOW open (scroll down to register) Eligibility: Aspiring Health … Read more

The Deluxe Suture Kit | The Apprentice Doctor

Why  Suture Practice Kits Were Made Suture kits were designed and made for students as a way to help them learn suturing techniques. By practicing on a kit like this, students can improve their skills and techniques before working on real patients. The suture kit includes everything you need to get started and comes with … Read more