Healthcare Professionals vs Certified Nurse Assistants

Photo by RDNE Stock Project from Pexels   In the diverse world of healthcare, every role holds its significance. Healthcare professionals and certified nurse assistants (CNAs) are two fundamental pillars of this sector. Their roles, while distinct, are essential to the smooth operation of healthcare systems. These professionals bring unique skills and perspectives, vital to … Read more

The Apprentice Doctor® Student Grant/Bursary

The Apprentice Doctor® awards a yearly grant of $2000 to students who are passionate about medicine!  Next Grant/Award Selection: 31 August  2024  At The Apprentice Doctor®, we are passionate about assisting you in reaching your goals and dreams. In this spirit, we are awarding a yearly grant —a token of our commitment to you as … Read more

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Attain More Than 200 Medical/Surgical Skills Hours: Medicine and Healthcare Careers

Attain More Than 200 Medical/Surgical Skills Hours – That May Qualify for Alternative Shadowing Hours – By Performing Various Distance Learning Medical and Surgical Skills Courses Online! Do you know that according to the AAMC, 87% of medical schools accept alternative hours? Legislation (e.g., HIPAA and equivalent laws governing an patient’s rights on privacy), as … Read more

Virtual Suturing Skills Workshops – 2022

Suturing in essence is a mentored skill. Would you like to attend a mentoring Surgical Knot tying and Suturing Workshop on a virtual platform? The mentoring demonstrated in the video above will be covered during this Suturing Workshop Dr. Anton Scheepers and Dr. Amanda Laubscher assisting students during a suturing workshop, in Perth Australia Attend … Read more

Travel Nurse Guide: Choosing A Nursing Specialty

Nurses have always been in demand, but this is a great time to enter the field if you’re considering a career as a nurse. The nursing profession is currently set to experience significant growth over the next decade, and increased demand for care, burnout, and upcoming retirements — with over 500,000 nurses expected to retire by … Read more

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Free Medical Skills Course for Premed and High School Students

Gain a Fair Advantage by Mastering Skills that Most only develop way into their Residencies If you want to become a great medical professional – do not miss this for anything! A hands-on medical experience like no other – carefully designed for home studying. The Future Doctors Academy Foundation Medical Skills Course Certified, Accredited, Online, Distance … Read more

Apprentice Doctor® Phlebotomy and Injection Techniques Trainer – Instructions for Use

Practice Phlebotomy and Injection Techniques in a Real to Life Simulation way! Warnings: Latex tubes – DO NOT USE if allergic to latex! Contain sharp items like a needle – take great care to avoid needle-stick injuries Instructions for Use of the Apprentice Doctor® Phlebotomy and Injection Techniques Pad : 1. Open box and unpack … Read more