The Apprentice Doctor® Student Grant/Bursary

The Apprentice Doctor® awards a yearly grant of $2000 to students who are passionate about medicine!  Next Grant/Award Selection: 31 August  2024  At The Apprentice Doctor®, we are passionate about assisting you in reaching your goals and dreams. In this spirit, we are awarding a yearly grant —a token of our commitment to you as … Read more

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The Deluxe Suture Kit | The Apprentice Doctor

Why  Suture Practice Kits Were Made Suture kits were designed and made for students as a way to help them learn suturing techniques. By practicing on a kit like this, students can improve their skills and techniques before working on real patients. The suture kit includes everything you need to get started and comes with … Read more

How to Become a Family Nurse Practitioner

If you are interested in becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, knowing the specifics of the job, what to expect, and the most effective ways of reaching that goal will aid you tremendously in securing your FNP status and thriving in the field. The Role of a Family Nurse Practitioner Pursuing a job in family nursing … Read more

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2022 Family Nurse Practitioner Career Outlook

Choosing a career path is never easy, especially in the medical field. There are so many different options and the amount of education you’ll need for each role varies widely. But for those who want to gain autonomy, good earning potential, and the opportunity to really help patients, becoming a family nurse practitioner (FNP) could … Read more

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Advance in Your Medical Profession With A Doctorate

It takes a lot of work to get into the medical industry. School, clinicals, exams, and the work hardly stops after graduation. Most registered nurses are filtered out of the classroom and into a life of arduous twelve shifts, some of which take place at night. It’s hard to imagine any nurse chomping at the … Read more

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Attain >200 Med./Surg. Skills Hours: Medicine and Healthcare Careers

Clinical shadowing hours are almost a universal requirement for admission to medical academic training institutions Attain >200 medical/surgical skills hours – that may qualify for alternative shadowing hours – by performing various distance learning medical and surgical skills courses online! Start with the first 60 hours by completing the Future Doctors Academy Basic Medical Course … Read more

Travel Nurse Guide: Choosing A Nursing Specialty

Nurses have always been in demand, but this is a great time to enter the field if you’re considering a career as a nurse. The nursing profession is currently set to experience significant growth over the next decade, and increased demand for care, burnout, and upcoming retirements — with over 500,000 nurses expected to retire by … Read more

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Lifestyle Trends And Fads to Leave Behind in 2020

  Did you follow a new lifestyle trend last year? At the beginning of a new year, we tend to assess what we did last year and determine what we might do differently this year. Some people may decide to take an academic course. Others make a list of books they’d like to read. Some … Read more

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