The Deluxe Suture Kit | The Apprentice Doctor

Why  Suture Practice Kits Were Made Suture kits were designed and made for students as a way to help them learn suturing techniques. By practicing on a kit like this, students can improve their skills and techniques before working on real patients. The suture kit includes everything you need to get started and comes with … Read more

Becoming a Trauma Surgeon

Story at a Glance Is there a difference between an ER doctor and a trauma surgeon? Yes, there is. When becoming a trauma surgeon, you enter a highly specialized field, interacting with patients facing life-threatening injuries. This article reveals: The unique skill sets of a trauma surgeon. A brief history of trauma surgery. The education … Read more

Using Engineering in Surgery

Becoming a Surgeon and An Engineer Article at a Glance The blending of surgery and engineering isn’t unheard of, although rare. But it’s clear that engineers and surgeons are working together to make miraculous progress in the field of medicine. These advances are making surgeries shorter with less risk to patients. This article gives you … Read more

13 Reasons for Wound Dehiscence

What is Wound Dehiscence? When a surgical wound heals properly, the sutures around its edges stay intact while new tissue, known as “granulation tissue,” starts forming. One of the most common complications of surgical wounds is when the surgical incision breaks along the suture. In other words, the wound splits open, a condition known as … Read more

Q & A – Interview with a Surgical Technologist

Today we present an interview with Leann Williams, a surgical technologist and surgical technologist educator from Tucson, Arizona. What makes surgical technologists special? “We are one of the only healthcare professionals who get the opportunity to hold a beating heart, touch the brain; not just a mind, and bring life into this world.” How did … Read more

Becoming a Certified Surgical First Assistant/Surgical Assistant

If, after becoming a certified surgical technologist and working in the field for a period of time, you may want to advance in this allied health career. If this sounds like you, investigate becoming a Certified Surgical Assistant (CSA), or Certified Surgical First Assistant (CSFA). Surgical assistants are medical professionals who assist both surgeons and … Read more

Becoming a Certified Surgical Technologist

If becoming a doctor isn’t the right career for you, but you would like to work in allied health, surgical technology may be a good option. Surgical technologists work alongside doctors and surgeons. They are frequently present during operations and provide critical assistance to operating room physicians. What does a surgical technologist do? The primary … Read more

How to Become a Surgeon

So you want to become a specialist surgeon? A specialist surgeon is someone who focuses on a particular field of medicine such as cardiology, neurology, or another specific medical field. All specialist doctors have many years of education and training in their chosen areas. But before you learn how to become a surgeon who specializes … Read more

Suturing practice with fake skin

What is the best material to practice your suturing skills on? Although silicon skin is helpful and convenient for the practice of suturing, it doesn’t always behave like real skin. It looks authentic, but the feel, touch and handling characteristics are imprecise if you’re looking for a genuine experience. That’s why buying high quality silicon … Read more