How Can Caregivers Better Manage Sleep and Burnout

Caregiving for those who are elderly or living with disabilities comes with both rewards and challenges, as any caregiver will tell you. It can be greatly satisfying to bring comfort and support to those in need, whether you are caring for a family member or are a professional caregiver. But the challenges are many, too. … Read more

12 Ways to Reduce Your Risk For Breast Cancer

Story at a Glance Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States. There are factors you can’t control, such as heredity links or breast density. However, today’s article provides 12 different ways you can minimize your risk of breast cancer. All of them are things you … Read more

Managing Hypertension

Story at a Glance Hypertension is a worldwide epidemic and public health concern. Awareness is key to blood pressure control. The story provides a general review for managing hypertension. Symptoms Causes Risk factors Complications Diagnosis and new blood pressure ranges Lifestyle changes Early detection and control can mean the difference between ongoing health and a … Read more

Self-Care Tips for Medical Professionals

Nurses, surgeons, doctors…all healthcare professionals lead busy lives. The mental and physical demands of their work can be challenging and extremely tiring. The paradox of being a healthcare professional is that even though we care for others, we often lose sight of our health and habits among our busy day-to-day lives. You may feel like … Read more

Value-Based Medicine: healthcare’s future

  Story-at-a-glance Value-based medicine is an upcoming healthcare delivery system centered on the patient, and patient outcomes. The goals, gender, age, and even culture of the individual are taken into account. Volume-based care, our current system of fee for services rendered, will be replaced over time. Five factors drive value-based medicine. A primary one is … Read more

Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever

Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a highly contagious viral infection with a high mortality – and the recent outbreak in West Africa with sporadic cases in other parts of the world is by far the largest epidemic of this disease in recent human history. The Ebola Virus was first identified in Sudan in 1976.  The second … Read more