Become a Medical Doctor | How-To Guide


If you are interested in a career in medicine, becoming a doctor is a rewarding but challenging process. It is important to be aware of the challenges involved and how to overcome them. 

The biggest challenge facing aspiring doctors is the rigorous academic process. In order to become a doctor, you must first complete high school, then attend college and medical school, and finally complete a residency. This process can take many years, and it is important to be prepared for the challenges involved.

Why Being A Doctor Is Important In The World Today

Becoming a doctor is important in the world today because they play a critical role in society. They are responsible for caring for patients and helping to maintain the health of the population. Additionally, doctors are often at the forefront of research, working to find new treatments and cures for diseases. Doctors are essential to the well-being of society and deserve our respect and admiration.

The process of becoming a doctor is not an easy one. It requires years of schooling and training. However, it is a rewarding career that offers many opportunities to help others.

 If you are considering a career in medicine, here are the steps you need to take to become a doctor.

  1. Get a bachelor’s degree: In order to become a doctor, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. During your undergraduate years, you will take courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and math. These courses will prepare you for the rigors of medical school.
  2. Take the MCAT: The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a standardized test that all prospective medical students must take. The MCAT measures your knowledge of the sciences and helps to ensure that you are prepared for the challenges of medical school.
  3. Attend medical school: After you have completed your undergraduate degree and taken the MCAT, you will need to attend an accredited medical school. During your time in medical school, you will take classes such as anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. You will also complete clinical rotations, which will give you hands-on experience in the field.
  4. Obtain a medical license: In order to practice medicine, you must obtain a medical license from your state’s Board of Medicine. To be eligible for a medical license, you must pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).
  5. Complete a residency: Once you have obtained your medical license, you will need to complete a residency. A residency is a postgraduate training program that lasts for three to seven years. During your residency, you will receive training in a specific medical specialty.
  6. Pass board exams: After you have completed your residency, you will need to take and pass board exams in order to become certified in your specialty.

These exams are administered by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).

  1. Start practicing medicine: Once you have completed all of the steps above, you will be ready to start practicing medicine. You can choose to work in a private practice, hospital, or clinic. 

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Doctor

Becoming a doctor is a very rewarding experience that comes with many benefits. Here are the top 10 reasons to become a doctor:

  1. The Medical Field is Exciting. There are always new things to learn in the medical field. The body is a complex machine, and there are infinite ways to help people heal and feel better.
  2. Helping people in a meaningful and significant way. Doctors are some of the most highly respected and trusted members of society. People rely on them to make life-or-death decisions and to help them through difficult times.
  3. Have a sense of trust and honor in your community. A career in medicine is a calling, and those who choose it do so out of a sense of duty and service to others. It is an incredibly rewarding profession.
  4. Become a person of influence and respect. Doctors have a tremendous amount of influence over the lives of their patients. They are able to help people when they are at their lowest point and make a real difference in their lives.
  5. Opens the door for other exciting opportunities. A career in medicine provides many opportunities for specialization, which can lead to interesting and varied work paths.
  6. You get to build meaningful relationships with patients. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a doctor is the relationships you build with your patients. You get to know them on a personal level and help them through some of the most difficult times in their lives.
  7. Better Job stability. The medical field is one of the most stable industries, which provides a great deal of job security.
  8. Higher compensation compared to other professions. Doctors are among the highest-paid professionals in the world.
  9. Requires analytical thinking and other skills. Medicine is a demanding profession that requires both intellectual rigor and practical skills. It is constantly evolving, which keeps doctors on their toes and allows them to use their creativity to solve problems.

The Biggest Trends in 2022 for Becoming a Doctor

The world of medicine is ever-changing, and in order to stay ahead of the curve, aspiring doctors need to be aware of the latest trends. 

Here are some of the biggest trends that will be seen in 2022:

  1. Increased focus on preventative care.

Preventative care has been gaining traction in recent years, and this trend is only going to continue in 2022. Doctors will increasingly focus on helping patients maintain their health rather than just treating them once they become ill. This means that aspiring doctors will need to be knowledgeable about how to promote good health habits and how to identify risk factors for illness.

  1. Increased use of technology.

Technology has already had a significant impact on the medical field, and this trend is only going to continue in the coming years. From virtual reality simulations to diagnostic tools, technology is being used more and more in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Aspiring doctors will need to be comfortable with using technology in order to keep up with the latest advancements.

  1. A focus on holistic care.

Patients are becoming increasingly interested in holistic care, which focuses on treating the whole person rather than just their symptoms. In 2022, doctors will place more emphasis on providing comprehensive care that takes into account a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Aspiring doctors will need to be familiar with various holistic treatment modalities in order to meet the demands of patients.

  1. A move towards personalized medicine.

With the advent of new technologies, personalized medicine is becoming more and more possible. In 2022, doctors will increasingly tailor treatments to each individual patient based on their unique genetic makeup. Aspiring doctors will need to be comfortable with using new technologies in order to provide the most effective care possible.

  1. An emphasis on global health.

In recent years, there has been a greater focus on global health issues such as pandemics and epidemics. In 2022, this trend will continue as doctors increasingly work to address health concerns that span the globe. Aspiring doctors will need to be knowledgeable about global health issues in order to be prepared for this type of work.

  1. An increase in telemedicine.

With advances in technology, telemedicine is becoming more and more common. In 2022, doctors will increasingly use video conferencing and other remote technologies to consult with patients. Aspiring doctors will need to be comfortable with using these technologies in order to provide care to patients who are not able to come into the office.

  1. A focus on population health.

As the world population continues to grow, there is an increasing focus on population health. In 2022, doctors will work to improve the health of populations by addressing factors such as poverty, access to healthcare, and environmental issues. Aspiring doctors will need to be familiar with these issues in order to be prepared for this type of work.

Becoming a doctor is a demanding process, but it can be immensely rewarding. By keeping up with the latest trends, aspiring doctors can position themselves for success in this ever-changing field.

The Biggest Fears About Becoming a Doctor

There are many fears that students have about becoming doctors. One of the biggest fears is that they will not be able to handle the stress of the job. Another fear is that they will not be able to complete the schooling required to become a doctor. Some students are also worried about how much money they will need to borrow in order to pay for medical school. And finally, some students are concerned that they will not be able to find a job after they graduate from medical school.

Fortunately, there are steps that students can take to ease their fears about becoming doctors. One of the best ways to handle the stress of medical school is to develop a support system of friends and family members who can help you through tough times. Additionally, it is important to remember that medical school is not impossible to complete – thousands of students do it every year. And while the cost of medical school can be daunting, there are many financial aid options available to help students pay for their education. Finally, job prospects for doctors are good – in fact, the demand for doctors is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

So if you’re interested in becoming a doctor, don’t let your fears hold you back. Take the first step today and begin exploring what it takes to make your dream a reality.

How to Cope and Overcome Fear of Being a Doctor

The fear of being a doctor is common, but it’s important to remember that it’s natural to feel this way. After all, you’re about to embark on one of the most challenging and rewarding careers imaginable. However, with the proper preparation and mindset, you can overcome any fear you may have and thrive in your chosen field.

Here are a few tips for coping with and overcoming the fear of being a doctor:

  1. Make a plan: It’s important to have a clear plan of action before entering into any new experience. This will help to ease your mind and give you a roadmap to follow. When it comes to becoming a doctor, make sure to research the process thoroughly and map out how you will complete each step.
  2. Talk to others who have been through it: One of the best ways to cope with fear is by talking to those who have been through it before. Ask them about their experience and find out what challenges they faced along the way. This can be an invaluable source of information and support.
  3. Prepare for challenges: Becoming a doctor is not easy – there will be challenges along the way. However, if you’re prepared for them, they won’t seem so daunting. Make sure to study hard and know what to expect before taking on any new challenges.
  4. Seek support: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, seek out support from family, friends, or a professional counselor. Talking to someone who understands what you’re going through can be incredibly helpful.
  5. Take things one step at a time: Don’t try to do everything all at once – it’s important to take things slowly and steady yourself as you go. This will help you avoid getting overwhelmed and stressed out.
  6. Believe in yourself: Perhaps the most important thing of all is to believe in yourself. You can overcome any obstacle if you have the confidence and determination to do so. Remember that you are capable of anything you set your mind to.
  7. Seek professional help: If you find that you’re struggling to cope with the fear of becoming a doctor, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. A therapist or counselor can provide you with the tools and support you need to overcome your fears and succeed in your chosen career.

3 Biggest Mistakes Students Make When Trying to Become a Doctor

The biggest mistake students make when trying to become a doctor is not doing enough research.

They may not know what steps they need to take, or how long the process will actually take.

Students also often fail to plan ahead and don’t think about how they will finance their education.

Without a clear plan, it can be easy to get sidetracked and give up on your dream of becoming a doctor.

If you’re interested in becoming a doctor, the best thing you can do is research the steps you need to take and make a plan. Start by talking to your guidance counselor or researching online.

You should also reach out to doctors in your community and shadow them to get a better sense of what the job entails. 

Here are 3 mistakes to make sure you avoid:

Not doing enough research

Becoming a doctor is a long and challenging process that requires a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, some students do not do enough research and end up dropping out or failing to complete the process. Here are some tips to avoid this from happening to you.

First, make sure you are really interested in becoming a doctor. This is a long and difficult journey, and it’s important that you are motivated the entire way through. If you’re only doing it because you think it’s the “right” thing to do, you’re going to struggle.

Second, make sure you know what the process of becoming a doctor entails. There are many steps involved, and it’s important that you are aware of them all before starting down this path. You don’t want to get overwhelmed or discouraged halfway through.

Finally, make sure you are willing to put in the hard work. Becoming a doctor is not easy; it takes dedication, passion, and perseverance. If you’re not willing to put in the effort, then this may not be the right career for you.

Not taking the necessary steps

It is vitally important to take the necessary steps to become a doctor. Failure to do so could result in a suboptimal outcome for the aspiring doctor. The following are some of the most important steps to becoming a doctor:

1) Get good grades in high school and college. This is especially important if you want to get into a good medical school.

2) Become familiar with the MCAT. This is the test that all aspiring doctors must take before they can be accepted into medical school.

3) Shadow a doctor. This will give you a good idea of what it’s like to be a doctor and whether or not this is the right career for you.

4) Get involved in research. This will show medical schools that you are serious about becoming a doctor and that you have the potential to be successful in this field.

5) Join a pre-med club or society. This will give you access to resources and networking opportunities that will be invaluable as you pursue a career in medicine.

6) Volunteer at a hospital or clinic. This will allow you to gain experience in the medical field and may help you land your dream job after graduation.

7) Be prepared for a long and challenging journey. Becoming a doctor is not easy. It takes many years of hard work and dedication. But, if you are willing to put in the effort, it can be an incredibly rewarding career.

Failing to plan ahead

It is important for students interested in a career in medicine to plan ahead and make sure they are taking the right steps to become a doctor. However, even with careful planning, there can be bumps in the road. 

One common mistake students make is not anticipating how long the process of becoming a doctor will take. For example, many students assume they can complete their pre-med requirements in just two years when in reality it often takes four or five years. Additionally, there are many other steps along the way, such as taking the MCAT and applying to medical school, that also require time and planning.

Students who start planning early and take all the necessary steps are much more likely to become doctors. However, even if someone falls behind or makes a mistake along the way, it is not impossible to still achieve their goal. The most important thing is to never give up and to keep working towards their dream.

There are 7 common steps to becoming a doctor:

  1. Get a bachelor’s degree: In order to become a doctor, you will need to first earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. While you can technically major in any subject, it is recommended that you choose a pre-med track or something similar that will help prepare you for medical school. Additionally, most medical schools require students to have completed certain prerequisite courses, such as biology, chemistry, and physics.
  2. Take the MCAT: The next step is to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). This exam is required for admission into nearly all medical schools in the United States. It covers topics such as biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology.
  3. Apply to medical school: Once you have completed your undergraduate degree and taken the MCAT, you can begin applying to medical schools. The admissions process is competitive, so it is important to put your best foot forward. Make sure to research each school you are interested in and tailor your application accordingly.
  4. Complete medical school: After being accepted into medical school, you will need to complete four years of training. During this time, you will take classes and rotate through different hospitals or clinics, gaining hands-on experience in a variety of medical fields.
  5. Pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE): In order to practice medicine in the United States, you must pass the USMLE. This three-part exam tests your knowledge of medical science and clinical skills.
  6. Complete a residency: Once you have passed the USMLE, you will need to complete a residency in order to specialize in a particular area of medicine. Residencies typically last four years, although some may be longer or shorter depending on the specialty.
  7. Get licensed: The final step is to obtain a license to practice medicine in your state. In most states, this requires passing another exam, called the state medical licensing examination (MLE). Once you have passed the MLE, you will be able to officially start practicing medicine!

Becoming a doctor is a long and difficult process, but it is one that can be immensely rewarding. If you have a passion for helping others and want to make a difference in the world, then medicine may be the perfect career for you. Just remember to take your time, plan ahead, and never give up on your dreams.

Once you have a good understanding of what it takes to become a doctor, you can start taking the necessary steps to make your dream a reality.

The process of becoming a doctor can seem daunting, but if you’re willing to put in the work, it can be an incredibly rewarding career

The 5 Steps to Becoming a Doctor from High School to Finishing Your Residency

Step 1: What to do in High School

If you’re interested in a career in medicine, pursuing a pre-med major in college is the first step. However, to become a doctor, you need to start preparing in high school. Here are the seven steps you need to take:

  1. Take the right courses. In order to pursue a pre-med major, you need to take the right courses in high school. This includes the sciences, such as physics and chemistry; math, including calculus and statistics; and even English. You should also aim to take rigorous AP, Honors or IB courses.
  2. Get good grades. To be accepted into a good medical school, you need excellent grades. So make sure you study hard and get the best grades possible.
  3. Get experience in the sciences. To be a successful doctor, you need experience in the sciences. Make sure to do plenty of experiments and labs in high school so that you have a strong foundation in these subjects.

Step 2: How to Prepare in College for Medical School

If you are interested in a career in medicine, one of the best things you can do is start preparing for medical school while you are still in college. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your time and set yourself up for success:

  1. Be aware of what classes to take. Most medical schools require certain core classes, such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Make sure you are taking the appropriate courses to prepare you for medical school.
  2. Practice good study habits. It is important to develop good study habits early on so that you can be successful in medical school. Make a study schedule and stick to it, get plenty of rest, and take breaks when needed.
  3. Plan for studying and taking the MCAT seriously. The MCAT is one of the most important exams you will take as a pre-med student. Make sure you are well-prepared for it and that you have enough time to study for it.
  4. Gather as much relevant and useful experience as you can. This can include doing volunteer work at a hospital or clinic, working as a lab assistant, or participating in research studies. Any experience you can gain in the medical field will be beneficial.
  5. Stay healthy and fit. One of the best things you can do for your future career is to take care of your health now. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get enough rest.
  6. Get involved in extracurricular activities. In addition to your academic work, get involved in extracurricular activities that interest you. This can help you develop leadership skills and make connections with others who are interested in medicine.
  7. Be prepared for the application process. The process of applying to medical school can be competitive and time-consuming. Start gathering the materials you need (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) well in advance so that you can put your best foot forward.

Following these tips will help you prepare for medical school and set you up for success.

Step 3: Medical School

  1. Understand the purpose of clinical rotations. Clinical rotations are an important part of medical school, and you should take them seriously. They provide you with the opportunity to experience different areas of medicine, as well as to learn from experienced doctors.
  2. Commit to each rotation. It is important to be focused and committed during each clinical rotation. This is your chance to learn as much as possible and to get the most out of the experience.
  3. Keep an open mind. Be open to new experiences and new ways of doing things. You never know what you might learn during a clinical rotation.
  4. Focus on each patient first, the preparations second. It is important to remember that you are working with real patients during clinical rotations. The focus should always be on providing the best possible care for each patient.
  5. Be professional. Always remember to act and dress in a professional manner. This is a crucial part of being a doctor.
  6. Be prepared. Make sure you are well prepared for each clinical rotation. This includes being familiar with the patients you will be seeing and the procedures you will be performing.
  7. Take advantage of the resources available to you. During clinical rotations, you will have access to a variety of resources. Use them to your advantage and learn as much as you can.

Step 4: Clinicals

If you’re interested in becoming a doctor, there are certain steps you need to take to make your dream a reality. Pursuing a career in medicine is a demanding process, but if you’re passionate about helping others and saving lives, it will all be worth it in the end.

To help you on your journey, we’ve put together a guide with the 7 essential steps you need to take to become a doctor. So if you’re ready to start your medical career, read on!

  1. Arrive on time and be prepared: When you’re shadowing or working in a clinic, punctuality is important. You should also come prepared with any questions you might have, so that you can make the most of your time there.
  2. Dress professionally: First impressions are everything, so it’s important to dress in a way that shows you’re serious about becoming a doctor. Wear clothes that are clean and wrinkle-free, and avoid wearing anything too casual or revealing.
  3. Be familiar with the clinic’s policies and procedures: Before you start shadowing or working in a clinic, take some time to familiarize yourself with their policies and procedures. This way, you won’t be caught off guard if something comes up during your shift.
  4. Take notes during the clinic: One of the best ways to learn while you’re shadowing or working in a clinic is to take notes. This way, you can refer back to them later when you have questions or want to review what you’ve learned.
  5. Ask questions when you don’t understand something: It’s okay to not know everything – that’s why you’re shadowing or working in a clinic in the first place! If there’s something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The staff and doctors will appreciate your curiosity and willingness to learn.
  6. Stay focused during the clinic: It can be easy to get distracted when you’re shadowing or working in a clinic, but it’s important to stay focused on what you’re doing. This is a great opportunity to learn, so make sure you’re paying attention and absorbing as much information as you can.
  7. Thank the staff and doctors for their time: Last but not least, don’t forget to thank the staff and doctors for their time when you’re finished shadowing or working in the clinic. A simple “thank you” goes a long way, and it shows that you appreciate their help in your journey to becoming a doctor.

Following these steps will put you on the right track to becoming a doctor. Just remember to stay dedicated and never give up on your dream, no matter how challenging the process may be. With hard work and determination, you can make your dream of becoming a doctor a reality.

Step 5: Residency

  1. First, it is important to understand what a residency is. A residency is a three- to seven-year training program in the United States that follows medical school. It is required in order to become a licensed doctor. There are many different specialties you can choose from during residencies, such as family medicine, pediatrics, surgery, or psychiatry.
  2. The next step is to choose a successful residency program. When you are looking at programs, it is important to look at the pass rates of the residents, how many residents go on to do fellowships, and what the job placement rates are after graduation.
  3. Once you have found a few programs you are interested in, the next step is to maximize your chances of getting accepted. This means having a strong GPA, MCAT score, and letters of recommendation.
  4. The fourth step is to complete your residency and do very well. This means working hard and being dedicated to your patients and learning as much as you can.
  5. The fifth step is to finish strong. This means completing your residency on time and passing all of your exams.
  6. The sixth step is to get a job. This means finding a job that you love and are passionate about.
  7. The seventh and final step is to be a successful doctor. This means being a great doctor and helping your patients.

The Secret to Becoming a Successful Doctor and Practicing Medicine

Doctors are some of the most highly trained professionals in the world. They undergo years of schooling and training in order to be able to diagnose and treat medical conditions. But what is the process of becoming a doctor? And how can students interested in a career in medicine make sure they complete medical school on time and by following a plan?

The process of becoming a doctor is both long and competitive. It typically takes around 11 years to complete, including four years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school, and three years of residency training. In order to be accepted into medical school, students must first complete a rigorous undergraduate program and take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

Once in medical school, students will spend their first two years completing coursework and taking exams. They will then enter into clinical rotations, where they will gain hands-on experience treating patients in various medical settings. After completing medical school, graduates must then complete a three-year residency program in order to be licensed to practice medicine.

How to Finish Your Journey to Becoming a Doctor Strong and Find a Branch of Medicine you can Grow and Thrive in.

Becoming a doctor is no easy task. It takes years of hard work and dedication to finish the journey and become a licensed physician. But once you reach that point, the real journey begins. You must find a branch of medicine that interests you and one in which you can see yourself thriving. There are many different branches of medicine to choose from, each with their own unique set of challenges and rewards. 

The most important thing is to find one that you can see yourself growing in and becoming the best doctor you can be. So if you’re finishing up your journey to becoming a doctor, make sure to choose wisely and thrive as a Doctor!

RECAP: Here are the 7 steps to becoming a doctor:

  1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Attend Medical School
  3. Complete Your Residency
  4. Get Board Certified
  5. Find a Branch of Medicine You’re Interested In
  6. Thrive in Your New Career
  7. Never Stop Learning

Becoming a doctor is a long and difficult journey, but it is one that is well worth it in the end. These seven steps will help you finish strong and find a branch of medicine in which you can thrive and grow as a physician. So if you’re interested in becoming a doctor, make sure to follow these steps and never stop learning. You’ll be glad you did!

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If you’re looking to become a doctor, we hope you found our Guide helpful! This is just the beginning of your journey, and we want to encourage you to pursue your dream. We would love to hear from you – let us know what you think about our Guide, ask us questions, and share your success stories.

Thank you for choosing to pursue a career in medicine – we know you will make a difference in the lives of many patients. We are here to support you every step of the way. Contact us anytime if you need help getting from where you are to where you want to be. becoming a doctor.

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      • A bit difficult to answer your question as I am unsure about your current range of subjects – but the short answer is all of your subjects – major in on the basic foundation subjects like anatomy, physiology and pathology as well as those subjects that you have a special interest in.

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      • I will ask my good friend and colleague Dr Dexter Frederick to reply to you per email. He has a special interest in teaching medical students memory retaining techniques.
        Dr Anton

    12. Hi I really want to be a doctor, what I am suppose to do? What are the requirements of becoming a doctor? I dropped out of high school so I am not really sure of what I should do to get into medical school?

      • Most of the information you are looking for is in the post – but in short you need a good matric – no an excellent matric with maths physic sand chemistry. – or a science B degree of some sorts.

    13. Hi doc ..I’m a pharmacy student ,second year and I have a huge desire to be a medical doctor..cuz after getting in pharmacy school ,it turned out that it isn’t what I want..and I can’t get in medical school you think I could make it after graduation ?? Is it too late??

    14. sir i am a nigerian next month i want write my exams in secondary and i wanted to be a member of ministry of health what am i read 2 become amng the members

      • I very much and simply don’t know. I presume you have to get some sort of healthcare admin qualification and then apply for a job at your department of health – then work your way up from there.

    15. Hi Doctor,
      I finished high school with A+ grades and I took (physics, chemistry, biology, marketing, psychology..). I wanted to join medicine so all the advice was to get BCS in science degree. I joined cell and molecular biology at Concordia University in Quebec Canada. My problem is now university is getting tougher and my GPA is lower in B’s is that going to stop me from joining medicine?. I was also thinking of being paramedic medical technician or Medical laboratory analyst if I got completely refuse to study human body in medical school. Can you give me your advice I can’t diagnose my problem for not getting high grades too. I want you to advice me more about paramedics career is it a good thing or not.

      • My advice is – keep focused on your primary and initial goal. Once you have completed your BSC degree – reapply for medicine. Do not go for plan B. You may have to discuss details with your university’s career guidance section.

    16. Good day

      I am studying maths, phyiscs and biology this and I really want to study medicine. I already have a degree in Communications Management but I hated sitting all day and doing the same thing everyday so now i ask does volunteering in public health eg. hiv and aids councilling. help my application?
      and unisa offers pre-med course with biology, chemistry and physics for a year. I do not know whether to take that course or continue with this?
      please help

      • This type of detail is better discussed with a career guidance psychologist – as I simply do not have enough information and knowledge regarding contents of the courses mentioned to give you proper advice – ask UNISA’s career guidance Dept for assistance.

    17. Hi doc..want to pursue a career in cardiology or Anesthesiology starting 2016, I’m 24 years old right long should I expect to study for before I’m a cardiologist or Anesthesiologist? And could you please break it down for me as to how those years work exactly eg. community service, theory, practicals etc thank you

    18. Hi doctor.
      I am a BSc biological science student who loves THE MEDICAL world. Can I get into medicine with marks like 70% only or do I need to work for A’s. I’m a B student.

      • I presume you are asking about the difference between a general doctor in private practice versus a doctor in hospital practice. There are advantages and disadvantages for both. In hospital practice one generally encounters more interesting cases and the advantage of private practice is that one can work harder and thus earn more.

    19. Hello i am in 11th std and i have chosen physics chemistry maths and biology as my subjects and now i am thinking to drop maths for my 12th and take psychology because i think maths is totally waste for me if i want to pursue career in medical
      So is maths essential for MBBS i mean will it affect on my medical studies?should i drop maths or continue with it in 12th?

      • Maths is the most important and primary indicator to the medical school selection committee regarding your ability of thinking analytically. Maths is essential for applying to medical school and your application will not be considered without maths.

    20. I am a grade 11 student in Toronto and i have 78 in Biology, 80 in Physics, and I’m still doing Chemistry and Math and English this semester, what are the requirements in high school for a general practitioner (or what you took) and how many years are needed until i finish my bachelors and what is residency; and if you don’t mind could you tell me the salary. Thank you I appreciate it.

    21. I would really love to become a Doctor,paediatrician and I know I will be one someday but I just need to know how I can pass and do well in mathematics,because it is the only thing that is holding me back at the moment
      please help me

      Stressed high school student

      • Extra time/extra lessons. See a maths teacher who can do diagnostics with you – you probably missed a basic principle – and with maths this will affect your maths in future – unless fixed.

    22. Hi Doc

      Im currently studying towards a Diploma in general nursing, Psychaitry and midwifery. This is my 3rd year. What I’d like to know is whether ill be accreditted for the diploma
      in nursing and the 4 years of comserve if I apply to study as a medical student.

    23. Igot 64maths , 60physics nd 59 life science . I want to do bsc medical sciences first nd later move to mbchb at ukzn . So after the bsc do i start from the scretch or 3year or something , if i want to move to madicine?

    24. Hi doctor I’ll be studying medical Laboratory science which is biomedicine right? In South Africa I need to know if I’m going to be credited to study medicine two next year

    25. Respected Dr.,my daughter is in 10th,she wants to become a cardio surgeon,she always score A+grade,v good in maths n science.I want her to persue her studies after 12th/high school with medical subjects in America,we r in India.can u please guide us how should she prepares n what r the appropriate steps to be taken many years does it takes?ur advice would be of great help to us,regards….rajesh

    26. Hi Doc, I finished my matric last year with a 77 in biology, 63 in physics and 57 in maths and was not able to get into medical school. I am however planning to enrol for a BSc at UKZN this year and major in human biology (for one year only). Do you think there is a possibility for me to get credited into medicine for next year if I do really well in my BSc (even if I don’t complete the full 4 years of the BSc degree)? I really love medicine and I will do anything to be able to study it. Thanks in advance!

    27. hello doc , i am living in Toronto,Canada .i am grade 11 student .what would be the average of a student for going to med school in Toronto , is physics important for med school, should i take grade 11 physics .

      • Mot medical schools across the world require physics as part of their requirements – I believe you need to do the MCAT (or equivalent) in Canada as well – and one definitely need physics to pass the MCAT.

    28. Hi Doctor.
      I’m Gr. 10 this year and thinking about going for a GP. My grades are not super, but I can still get them up since I love studying. I’m afraid if I start out for a GP and get married before 8 yrs are past, I’ll have to give it up…..Is there a shorter course in medicine that I can do?

    29. I finished Matric last year and I pass may 5 subject with 60% including life sciences. But I got 30% in physics and Maths and this year I’m doing an upgrade for these two subject I got a Bachelor’s degree and my dream is to be a doctor ,can you help me what I must do to make my dream come true

    30. Hello Doctor I am a Ninth grader and i would like to become a surgical doctor when I grow up. Are there any steps that i could take now to help me become a surgical doctor?

      • You need to take the MCAT – does your degree include the med school prerequisites? If “yes” you can take the MCAT and apply to med school. Biomedical science makes a good basis for studying medicine!

    31. Hi Doc I am still doing matric and want to become a surgical doctor but the problem is I want to do practicals first so that I can be sure if I really want to be a surgical doctor or not. So what I need for u is to tell me exactly on how to get it.

    32. Hi I’m currently in matric and I have a passion for medicine.Unfortunatly I do not have physical science to apply for university. Should I do a postmatric(if possible) or is there a possibilty that i can apply for university without physics?

    33. Hello Doc I have a degree in nursing will like to know how many years of credit do I get if i want to become a doctor. I’m from kzn bt working in gauteng and would like to study in Wits.

      • Every University has it’s own rules and reciprocity arrangements – you will have to write to the Registrar Academic at WITS with all the information and your request in as much detail as possible. In general it is rare to get more than one year credit for nay nursing qualifications.

      • You will have to really make an academic u-turn – medicine is just so competitive – so the answer is yes – but I am wondering how you are going to get 80’s with such a weak grade 11 as a foundation. Looks like one may have to think about repeating Gr 11 – best wishes!

    34. hello! doctor i m an 9th grader.My goal is to become a great surgeon but i have troubles taking subjects I have always wondered that are Add Math and computer necessary to take beside biology,physics,chemistry,english language,general maths and bengali ???

    35. Hello

      I am 32 years old and are considering studying for a doctor, but did not have Science as a subject on school.

      I Metric exemption thou. Will that be a problem and if what should I do.

      Thank you

    36. Hey doctor,am from South Africa. I am doing Bsc chemistry and I wanna be a doctor, how many years will it take for me to become a qualified doctor after I have completed my Degree?

    37. hello doc , i am a student from paris and i love science and maths and all related to scicence but the probleme is that i have some grammer weakness in french language and i was wondering that is it possible to get scholarship in some country where i can apply and continue my universities in english language ? it will be good to get an point of view from you thank you 🙂

    38. Hey doc , I’m Grade 12 learner dis year nd I want 2 study medical doctor but I wanna be epidemiologist nd my grd 11 results are not really good can I stl do it.

    39. Hi Dr. My girlfriend is studying nursing (D4-3) at a nursing college and she would like to know if she can study Medicine after completing D4 and if she would be credited for the subjects and if so what year she will have to start.

      • Apologies – it is impossible to comment without mentioning the country of residence – as it varies from country to country. Although nursing makes a good basis for studying medicine in my opinion – from an academic point of view there is preciously little to be credited from Nursing going into Medicine. But as long as one have fulfilled the entrance requirements of the med school one can pursue medicine from any background.

      • Studying medicine in another country is highly complex and one starts with a handicap – as every country gives preference to their own citizens. It is not completely impossible though – but you will have to contact the university of your preference (e.g. Wits or Pretoria) and start the process with their medical school admissions department – they will give you a list of the information that they need to check academic levels reciprocity etc.

    40. Hi Dr., I am a Malaysian and I am interested to study medicine. I was wondering if medicine is really for me because my secondary school results on Physics, Bio, and Chemistry (especially chemistry) are not that good. And in Med school, would chemistry be really important ?
      I like Bio, but it seems that i cant really get it, and for chemistry, its worse. Are all medical students really really smart ? like super smart ?

      • Yes chemistry is important – one needs to understand chemistry to understand the myriad of biochemical reactions occurring in the body and to understand pharmacology – to mention just to applications. Not sure if all medical students are smart – but as a rule they all work really hard!

    41. Hi doc I am in grade 9 this year I live in SA I really want to become a general practitioner , though I really want to know where I could do my pre- medical science degree? And which university is best to study at for my career selection. THANKS your suggestions would be really appreciated!

      • South Africa does not require a premed degree – one applies for medicine with your Matric results.
        Medical schools are available at the following universities: WITS, Pretoria, Medunsa, Stellebosh, Cape Town, Durban and Bloemfontein.

    42. Goodmorning Doc,I live in South Africa,I am about to do grade 11,I want to be a medical doctor,but I wanted to ask if it will work because I am also a writer.

      • Hi
        Are you making a living out of writing (less than 1% of writers make a living out of writing). On the other hand 99% of doctors makes a decent living out of being a physician. If being a writer is your calling – go for it! But you need to be 100% sure.
        Dr Anton

    43. im 18 years old of age, i live in SA, M abt 2do ma grade 12 dis year and I wana become a I feel lyk is 2 late coz ma grade 11 report is really bad…is dere still a chance 4me 2 make it into one of de medical schools? your response wud b highly appreciated sir

      • The reality is that medicine is very competitive (even top academic performers struggle to get admitted). Yes, there is hope – but you will have to lay a new academic foundation – lots of extra classes in your weak subjects etc.

    44. To start off, this website has really helped me. I am in Grade 7 and have a project about my future. I have to go in to detail about everything. Right now, I’m working on education. I would like to become a general practitioner in medicine and attend the University of Toronto. However, I’d like to get lots of practice right now so that high school and university will be a breeze. The tips from Dr. Anton Scheepers was really helpful, but that’s for high school. I want something that I can do right now that can benefit my future. I’d also like some very important information about general practitioners that can really enhance my assignment. Thank you for your website and advice.

      • The British system (and commonwealth) MBBS / MBCHB
        USA – MD
        The University where you apply will offer a list of organizations for scholarships and bursaries – mostly based on academic excellence.

    45. hey doctor. i am a student in 1oth grade and I would like to become a General Practitioner. I do maths, english, info tech, biology and lastly chemistry is it a must that i should do physics. my teachers told me that i can do it in college is it true?


      • The Apprentice Doctor primarily focuses in on high school students interested in becoming medical professionals. Your case is complicated and there are many variables that I do not have insight into – so it is not something we can solve for you on this platform – may I suggest you have a long talk to the career guidance center at your current university. Best of luck!

    47. Hi doc.Next year I will be in grade 11 and currently excelling in math, physics and life sciences as well as accounting.My averages (on the report card are usually between 84%-90%). Not only am my doing well academically, I am also part of the journalism club at school and I am involved in community work.I involved in fundraising for my school. Do you think that I qualify for medical school taking into consideration my community work and marks

    48. Morning Doc I’m Anda 4rm S.A I will be doing grade 11 next year & I excel academically in Maths,Life sciences and Physical science(with disctintions) there4 now I Just want to ask wether How challanging is University Maths & science compared to the one in high school level because I’m about to persue medicine after matric.

      • You have to excel in maths to become a doctor – diagnosing a disease is very similar to solving a complex mathematical problem – the one used figures (maths) and the other information gathered from a medical history, signs and symptoms and the results of special investigations to solve the problem. Maths teaches your brain to think logically.

    49. Thanks Doc, I appreciate your comments. I personally believe nothing is impossible. my life as a scientist in field of chemistry thought me that realism re- shapes idealism, but idealism open up vistas for more realistic view. so many realistic discoveries were ones ideas discarded by scientists who thought that their is no connection between the idea and reality. prevention is the best, a cure if possible is not bad!

    50. Good evening.
      I am studying BTEC Health and Social Care at college at the moment.
      Can I become a doctor without A-levels in science and maths?
      A lot of Uni’s are asking for A-levels, or BTEC + an A-level, is it possible to be accepted/study medicine with BTEC National qualification in H&SC (which is equivalent to 3 A-levels)?
      Thank you!

      • Hi Arthur – I must admit that I am not so familiar with the UK system – but as a general statement you should keep in mind that there are simply so much competition for places in medical school that you most probably would have a disadvantage if you do not have A-levels in science and maths. Maybe someone from the UK can comment…

    51. I love to become a doctor but the competition is too high as our medical school in nigeria can only take few students at a time. I have completed my first degree in chemistry(,I graduated with 3.55 on 5point scale (second class upper), I applied again but i was not admitted, I am currently studying medical laboratory science to increase my chances of admission, I will be 32yrs of age by the time am through, but will go for medicine ones i am through. I just love it, I have the potential to discover a cure for HIV, and cancer, this has been my vision from childhood. I need someone to encourage me, my family and friend referred to me as a mad man who waste time in school

      • Your vision and passion will open doors for you. So keep on pursuing and persisting despite opposition.
        Success lies in the small area where idealism and realism overlaps. I hope you get the wisdom concealed in this sentence.
        I personally believe the challenge with AIDS is not in the curing but in the prevention – and that is no great mystery to achieve.
        Best wishes!

    52. I am in grade 10, I am doing Mathematics and Life Sciences/Biology & other Commercial subjects no Physics & Chemistry. Can I be a Medical Doctor with this subjects?

    53. hi Doc. really liked ur page,great job indeed. anyway,i am currently a Bsc student in Lesotho,but my issue is that my grates are terrible.i love medicine an i love science and maths but i cnt perfom’em vry wel.i strongly want to be a a Doc…so in ur view is there still hope that i can make it?

    54. I really want to become a doctor but i only have one science subject and that is chemistry i also do Literature, History and all business subjects i do maths and English and IT also so i was wondering if when i start college if i can catch up in Biology to become a doctor.

    55. My name is Zayden(grade 11 learner). I just want to know where can I download the forms of B Cur so let I can know what it is like and more information about it. I want to become a midwife but I need more guidelines. Please help me

      • Hi Basir – it is almost impossible to know the rules and regulations as well as the admissions requirements for medical school in all the countries of the world. To be completely honest I do not know how the medical system works in Nigeria – if I were you I would go to a university with a medical school and ask to speak with a guidance officer. Best of luck!

    56. i m studying in class 11. I am average in studies. I have not taken maths. I have taken PCB. Is medical for me ?? I would love to be a doctor. What should I do after 10+2. Please help me..

      • Medicine is very competitive and no selection committee will consider your application seriously without at least distinction level in maths – plus of course PC&B – all on distinction level. If you have’t taken maths you should rectify this. Talk to your guidance teacher.

    57. Hi doctor,i’d like to ask this is it possible to get into medical school if i started by upgrading my matric to get the best result?also if I started by doing a nursing degree and then do a bridging course to become a doctor how many years will it take?I’m frm south africa

    58. Hy doctor,i’d like to ask is it possible to get to a medical school if i started by upgrading my matric to get best result?I’m very passionate of becoming a medical doctor I have desire to help serve people’s lives.If I start by becoming a nurse and then do a bridging course to become a doctor how many years will it take.I’m from south africa

      • Upgrading your matric results is recommended – even if you are a qualified nursing professional the selection committee will still look at your matric results – especially maths, and all your science subjects.

    59. Hy Doctor, I have been weak with my grades in grade 11, so I want to become a doctor and I only had the chance to apply for Bsc, is it possible to go into the medical field after finishing that?

    60. Hello my name is Karesha I’m 17 and this is my last year of high school and I apllied for college and my classes going to be in Las/biology I was just wondering am I going to be taking the right thing I want to be a general practitioner

      • Hi – the answer depends so much on the specifics of your country of residence , the specific university and the subjects covered in your diploma as well as reciprocity agreements in place between your current academic institution and the prospective university/medical school. In short I doubt – but I might be wrong. Best case scenario you may get one year credit.

    61. Hi DOCTOR my is not a question, but a help I need from you to train me to become a doctor . It has always be my dream and I would like to enrol in your pre – medical apprentice clinic no matter how long it will take me to become a doctor I will because I know from personal experience how important it is that patients receive good care when they are at their most vulnerable . I want to feel that I have helped someone to regain their health ,independence and dignity – whether it is after cancer treatment or a broken bone. I hope you will help me for my dreams to come true hoping that my degree in doctor will be the beginning of a lifelong career that will really make a difference. Thank you doctor why I wait for your reply my phone number 07831386690. .

    62. Hi doctor,
      I’ve been wondering if your daily life at the clinic is like the tv show House MD? Lol hope you watch or know what it is! My favorite tv show that inspire me to become MD!! Thanks for saving lives!! I’ll be saving some soon!

      • The answer is really yeas and no. TV shows have one intention in mind – to get the highest viewer numbers as possible – so realism is not high on the list of priorities – rather sensationalism. But having said that I must admit that HOUSE is much more realistic compared to Grey’s Anatomy for instance. As long as your motives are good – to help people because you love people – then you are on the right track.

    63. Hey doc i from texas and im getting my cna in the 11th grade, i cant decide between internal medicine or general surgery, also do you think a i could pursue a future as a prison internist??

      • A wide range of opportunities and possibilities is awaiting you – and the good news is that you don’t have to make the decision between for instance internal medicine and surgery until your 3rd or 4th year of medical school (by that time you would have been exposed to a most of the career fields in medicine).
        I personally worked as a medical professional in prisons for 4 years – and I do have such a soft spot for prisoners! so yes – think prison internist is a great way to serve your fellow man! Why not come and experience real clinical medicine in Tampa during summer 2015? – see:

    64. Good day
      i am a qualified school teacher who teaches science and would like to find out more on how to go about to get studying to become a doctor. I find the brain very interesting and study anything i can get my hand on. I live in South Africa Brakpan Gauteng and i would really like to hear your oppintion and what i can do im want to get involved ASAP in medecine

      Keith Pollard
      082 497 4029

    65. Hi Doc. I did commerce in Grade 12 and i got very good marks in Maths, now I am very keen of studying medicine. next year I am thinking of registering to write Physical Science and Social Science in one of private schools. If I get good marks in these subjects will i qualify to study medicine?

    66. Am really intrested in becoming a doctor…i am a grade 11 student…the problem is that i dnt do biology at my school but i do maths and physical sciences….can i study medicine?

    67. I always wanted to help people and I love taking care of the injured. I really love watching tv shows about doctors and love seeing the doctor examining during consultation. I wanted to know how can I get into medical school. Im in the military and I’ve worked at the military for 6 years now and I only have matric and I passed with the S symbol. This shows I did not do good during my matric. My subjects were physical science maths electricians work technical drawing english and north ssotho. Any advise will be helpful and appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please help

    68. I feel really afraid, sometimes I feel I can’t do this anymore,I read a lot but at the end of the day come out averagely in my test, I really Love to save lives but that fear keeps on rolling in…help me pls, I’m about to enter college

      • At the end of the day becoming a medical doctor is not for everybody and one may consider alternative inroads in medicine – like paramedic, physician assistant and nursing for instance. But if you have set your goal on becoming a doctor and you have the potential and abilities – then go for it no matter what! One will get to that point of almost giving up a couple of times throughout your training and career!

    69. I am doing grade 9 and im fifteen years old am interested in being a medical doctor,but my school does not offer physical science,biology and economics or business studies which is why i want to do physical sciences,biology and georgraphy next year.Can i still fulfill my dreams of becoming a medical practitioner

    70. Hello. I live in the UK and I am in year 8. I’ve always been really interested in human anatomy, biology. I’ve always wanted to become a medical doctor. Is there something I could do now that could help me become a doctor?

    71. Hello,
      I am a senior in high school with an 4.0 GPA and I had gone into ap bio ap chemistry, ap physics, ap psychology, and ap calc though out my 11-12th grade year. I would love to become an surgical Oncologist but what would be another option with my grades and ap classes. I was wondering with my ap credits and GPA being such. Would that help me though out my however many years in college? How many years would I have to be in college for this career and what major courses do I need? Or if you have any other options with my type of knowledge what should i go into?

      • Hi sajaa, surgical oncology is a fascinating field and in great demand. You have laid a great foundation and if you keep on pursuing excellence the sky is the limit! My general advice is to complete your medial degree – you will be exposed to all the various fields in medicine – and thus will be able to make a much more informed choice regarding your chose field of speciality. Best wishes!

    72. If u want to study medicine but you can not because of lower requirements you obtained,there is any other course related 2 medicine that you can study,that will leads you 2 can study medicine,after you hv done with that course?

    73. Hi I would really love to be a doctor but I am doing grade 12 with these subjects life sciences,maths literacy,life orientation,geography,history,english and xhosa but my passion is being a GP cause I like people and I feel for them. I have a special heart for them but what can I do to become a GP please help me find a way to become one. I don’t have any other career in mind but a GP one. What can I do?

    74. Hello Dr. I have matric and here I have Maths Lit and Life Science and i really want to become a doctor. . So is there a possibility that i could go to FET Colleges and do the Maths and Physics ?

    75. Hello Dr. Scheepers,
      I’ve wanted to be a doctor my entire life, but the path has been very unclear. I want to become a M.D. and be a general physician like a family doctor. This is what I think I have to do: graduate from high school, graduate college, graduate medical school, complete a residency, and sometime after that become an independent doctor. Is this right? Also, if I want to be a general physician what department should I go into? Family Medicine? These may seem like common sense questions but I truly don’t know. I know that it is a much more treacherous process than this but this is what I basically need to do, right?

      • Yes – your basic information and understanding is correct. Family medicine residency programs is 3 years and during this three years of residency training, residents are required to rotate in the following areas: obstetrics, pediatrics, general surgery, inpatient hospital care and Intensive Care (some variation with different med schools).
        If you are in Grade 10 or 11 why not attend one of our premed Camps? See:

    76. Hi doc, i fail my matric 3 years ago but now i’m busy with certificate of electrical constraction infracture in FET college and this year is my second is possible to become a doctor?

    77. Hi doc im diana and im in grade 11. I got ths % in the followng subjects for the second term..Math extended 86%
      Physicl sc 74 %
      Biology 78%.. i knw i cn improve but do i qaulify for med schl

    78. I’m currently doing Bsc and I want to be a doctor,is it possible?and if so how many years will it take me to complete a medical degree?will I have to start over?please help me with the info. Thank you

    79. Hi Doc i am currently in high school and recently discovered my passion in medicine,the problem is that the subjects that i am doing are not science related(Accounting,Economics,Maths core,Business studies and computer applications technology)it is too late for me to change but i really really want to study medicine and i am willing to do anything….is it possible and what can i do?

      • It is never too late – some people start studying medicine at the age of 40 (Although I don’t recommend this as a rule.) Bottom line is you have to change to science subjects (physical and life sciences and chemistry retain maths) and excel in all of these!
        Go and see a career guidance teacher to help you plan the change.

    80. Hi. Im a 40 year old lady. Im a qualified teacher and social worker. I want to study for a gp – doctor.
      Can any one please help me. Dont know where to go to study. Tel 0790604777.

      • At any age the process is the same – contact the academic registration section of any/all universities with a medical school withing your geographical reach – and follow the application process – the detail s of the application process of each individual medical school is beyond the scope of this website. Best wishes for your challenge!

    81. I am 44year old and I graduated in Economics back home….I want to become a GP….I dont mind the years of studying…could you plesae let me know from where I start my education in Medicine….

    82. Good day doctor,

      I am 9 years old and intend studying in SA to become a GP. I see on the web that the course is 6 years. I would like to know if there are any ‘extra’ years, such as a Zuma year?

      Thank you.

    83. It’s been my dream to affect my generation and generations yet unborn possitively by rendering unto them a selfless and dedicated service to God and humanity.
      I would like to re-define the medical career with the zeal and enthusiasm coupled with my talent and intelligence.
      I am a people-driven person and i love working and serving people

    84. Hi could I please get some more information on the hospital volunteering programs , and I would like to know what codes you must get in your report grade 11 to become a medical doctor?

    85. I am currently in year 9 and we are choosing our subjects for the course we wish to pursue. I want to become a medical practitioner and specialise in anaesthetist. I am not exactly sure what subjects to do, would you please help? Do I need physics more than psychology? If so, why? I have already chosen maths, chemistry, biology but I don’t to choose physics or psychology. And I’m not sure what course to take to become a medical practitioner, please help!

      • For some reason medical schools like the physics more compared to psychology – I know one can argue this – but that is how it is. I would actually like to see both if possible… Anesthetics – one needs to understand the physics of gasses in great detail!

    86. I am currently in grade nine and we are about to choose our subjects and I already know that I am taking; Physics, Life Sciences, Maths but I can’t decide what my third subject should be. Accounting or IT please help me decide I really want to be a doctor and I’m not sure which subject to take. By the way I am living in South Africa.

    87. Hi. I live in Trinidad and I would like to be an oncologist. I am about to sign up for upper level studies in my school.I’m not sure what grade that is but in my country it’s called form six. I’m stuck between choosing environmental science and maths. I have already decided to chemistry and biology but i need a third subject. take into consideration that i might want to attend university in England but i would also like to attend UWI, which is in Trinidad. Please help.Thanks

      • Whatever/wherever maths will be a better choice. It teaches logic thinking. Diagnosis is but a very complex equation to be solved – with some knowns and some unknowns. So that is why medical schools place such an emphasis on excelling in maths.

    88. I’m currently in year 11 and it’s the second semester. The only subject that I’m studying that is required to be a doctor is biology. If I study maths and chemistry next year is it still possible for me to study medicine in uni?

    89. Hi doc i am a grade 9 learner and want to be a sugeon, which learning area do i choose in grade 10 and what courses do i take at the university, by the way i live in south africa

      • Worldwide the basics are the same – emphasis on:
        Maths (not mathematical literacy).
        Science – chemistry, physics/physical science and life sciences
        And excel in ALL your subjects. Take extra subjects if possible.
        Do extra work (charity, shadowing etc.) and courses and attend out Premedical Camp in Grade 10 at the Sci-Bono Discovery Center in Newtown Johannesburg.

    90. Hi doc am a grade 8 learner and looking forwad to be a medical doc. 1 which learning areas to take at grade10. 2 which courses to take at university. By the way I live in South Africa!

      • Worldwide the basics are the same – emphasis on:
        Maths (not mathematical literacy).
        Science – chemistry, physics/physical science and life sciences
        And excel in ALL your subjects. Take extra subjects if possible.
        Do extra work (charity, shadowing etc.) and courses and attend out premedical Camp in Grade 10 or 11.

    91. Sir,

      Presently, I am a Marketing Officer for the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency and I have got National Diploma in Tourism Management from UNISA. I have been working for the organisation for more than ten year now I got tired of it I want to change the career. I have done my research on ” I really want to become a Doctor, is there anything I can do straight away.”
      1. Could you give me an advise if I can fit with the age of 55 years.
      2. With the symbols in English E; Biology F; Physics F and Maths F.
      3. Strength, I am very pro-active and hardworking somebody
      4. At work I can get a bursary to study degree
      5. If study BSc can I be able to proceed to do General Practice


      • The hard facts are that judging by your age and academic results no university will place you on even their long list of possible candidates for medicine. Apologies – but I have to be honest.

    92. I want to be a Doctor I know to excel in which sibjects..,will I be albe to find a job ,is the salary satisfying ,which universites can I study in and are they any challenges doctors come across in the work field

      • There is a shortage of doctors – yes you will find a job.
        Salary – in most cases very satisfying compared to other jobs and professions.
        Universities – over 100 in the USA with medical schools.
        Challenges – daily – e.g. dealing with diagnostic difficulties…

      • In grade 11 and 12 I am sure you have made your subject choices already? In short you have to excel in all subjects – but especially so in Maths, Science (physics/chemistry), biology (life sciences).

    93. Hi Dr. Anton. Im currently in grade 12 and im passionate to study medicine next year. So my Question is If i could fail the National Bench-mark Test but at the end of the year pass my metric with flying colours, will i be accepted at University?

    94. hello doc am in grade 11 this year am studying mathematics, science and biology (life science) I need to help on my funds cause my family is not well am living with mom and she does not work so where can I found the bursary to study for the rest of my career and how many percentage must I get to quality to that bursary

      • Hi
        Your subjects seems to be fine – just ensure that you excel in all your subjects! Universities have lists of bursaries available in their yearbooks. Most universities offer a discount on the basis of academic excellence – in one way or the other. Best wishes!

    95. Hi…am in Gr11 and i want to be a doctor,but i only have biology-maths lit-geo-tourisme as subjctz at school.Will i be able 2 study medicine with those subjctz???

    96. Hi doctor, I’m currently enrolled at the university of west indies doing a major in physics and a minor in medical physics. Do you think this can lead me to a career in medicine, and what kind of jobs do you think i can have with these qualifications?

      • Maybe you should see it a a premedical type of qualification and do your medical degree after completion – not sure what medical educational system is followed in the West Indies.

    97. I want to become a general pratitioner doctor ,so I would like to know more about this career.everything that can be useful like where to study and how much it costs or about busaries if there are any available

    98. Hello Doc.
      I want to become a Doctor..
      We have admissions into M.B.B.S. for becoming a doctor in India..
      I want to know what are the equivalent courses in Germany for becoming a Doctor.

    99. Is it possible for me to do the General Practitioner cause if I get 22-28 in Chemistry, Biology and Physics but get 25 and above for English(ESL). This is my last year in the College or I’m in year 12

    100. I am currently in high school however I stand with a D in chemistry. Is it possible for me to become a general practitioner? At least if I excel inPhysics and Biology and Maths?

      • The human body is a highly complex bio-chemical factory – and you will never understand subjects like biochemistry and pharmacology if you don’t understand chemistry well – it may sound harsh – but you will have to rectify the chemistry problem.

    101. Hi Dr, I’m currently doing my Bsc Complementary Health Sciences degree, and my grade 12 maths results are not good i got level E.After finishing my degree i want to bridge to Medicine and surgery. I was asking that is possible for me to be accepted? my degree we’ve covered physics, chemistry,medical biosciences( anatomy and physiology),life sciences, pathology, pharmacology and many more.

      • You are asking me a question that can only be answered by someone inside the university selection committee – at the end of the day it is about distinguishing you from other competing students – the academics, the volunteering, the sport and arts, leadership, other medical courses and qualifications e.g. BLS, First Aid,we also offer a nice premed course – internationally accredited. Of course there ae others. Maths is important as it gears the mind towards logical thinking and problem solving – both essential prerequisites for diagnosing diseases.

      • Although your med school application will rely heavily on your premed degree and the MCAT results – one needs to build a good foundation already in high school – most resources will say that one needs to aim for a GPA of 4 or higher. Then you will also need a good resume – and please start early with charity and hospital volunteering – and as many additional medical / first aid / LBS courses as you can handle! We can recommend this great accredited distance learning resource:
        Best wishes for fulfilled dreams!

      • Only a hand full of USA Med Schools will consider taking in non-USA students – so in theory it is possible but in practice it will be very difficult to arrange. You may get some acknowledgement of some of your subjects depending on reciprocity arrangements between your current University and the USA Med School University.

    102. hi, im currently working as an aircraft instrument technician and i have my engineering diploma. i intend studying medicine next year, im currently 30yrs old and i hv a good matric results. is it good to leave and study medicine at this age. pls need your advice

      • You probably mean a physician or a surgeon (a surgeon is a specialist doctor!)
        The answer is – it depends on your talents, inclination, goals and abilities – the one is not better or worse compared to the other.

      • But you will have too study longer for a surgeon right.??
        And we have like a medical team at our school where we can join too learn the most important things of what to do if like someone get a heart attack or something like that would it help if I join it?
        And how long exactly does it take too study for a surgeon?

      • In the USA – 8 years to be a doctor and another 5 to be a surgeon – 13 in total – that is a general surgeon.

        Yes join a premedical club at school – that will definitely help to build a respectable resume for your medical school application.

    103. I am currently in high school however I stand with a C in chemistry. Is it possible for me to become a general practitioner? At least if I excel inPhysics and Biology and Maths?

      • I would say a hesitant yes – as technically it would be possible – but keep in mind that you will compete for selection with other students excelling in all the mentioned subjects as well as excelling in chemistry. Also the body is a very complex biochemical factory – so to understand the body you need to understand chemistry well (not to speak about pharmacology, clinical pathology etc.). Why not bring your chemistry marks up to the expected standard?

    104. Is it worth becoming a doctor considering the amount of schooling that is needed? If I started college at 18, how long would it take me to finish studies and actually get a job?

    105. Hi I am Mathew, currently I am a freshman in high school and i was absent for many days of school, and because of that I now have first semester GPA of 2.2 , Is it ever possible for me to become a doctor?

    106. Hello Dr. Anton I’m 15 years of age and I’m from Trinidad and Tobago.I’m currently doing all sciences,spanish,mathematics and add maths and will soon be writing exams.After exams I’m not really sure whether to go upper six for two years then go to college or straight college for a year then go away to further studies and how much years is required before I become GP? I’m kindly asking for any advice that you might have to bestow upon me ? 🙂 All your advice will be greatly appreciated.Bye!

    107. So I’m in year 11 now, and I haven’t studied any human bio, or physics.. Does that mean there is no chance that ill be able to pursue studies to become a doctor??? 🙁 please help

    108. Hi, doctor. I will be in grade ten next year. And i am in a private school in south africa. We have four compulsory subjects and three choice subjects. I want to know wether i can enter a medical university from a private high school and how high must my marks be. Physical science is one of my choice subjects, I want to know if i requir life science too as I couldn’t take that as my other choice subjects since I took engineer and graphics design and business studies – which none of the two has anything to do with medical studies and I’m not sure whether I am allowed to change one of the subjects to life science. And also how many students does the medical universities in south Africa take annually. Please help!

      • Yes you can do medicine from a private school – as long as they follow one of the approved matriculation exams.
        Biology/life sciences/ physics/physical sciences and chemistry, maths are all basically essential.
        The combined intake of South Africa’s eight medical schools can only accommodate maximum 2000 students. Each year thousands aspirant medical students with good potential are turned away. About 1 200 medical students graduate annually in South Africa.

      • Does that mean even if I don’t take life science in high school, I can still take it in university and become a doctor? And if I want to get into a public university, how high must my marks be? Must they be higher than the students who are in public high schools?

    109. Dr. Anton,

      I have recent re-enrolled in college for next semester (Spring ’14) I wasn’t taking college serious until now. I have a low GPA however will be returning for 5 semesters for pre-med and will have several recommendations (5). I’m trying to get an overall opinion: by taking these next semesters serious and having a 3.5+ GPA and 30+ on MCAT, do you believe I could get accepted/ the interviewers would “accept” that I hadn’t made my mind up career wise but now I have and buckled down?

      • The short answer is ‘yes’ it is possible – but you will really have to give it all you have! Admission to medical school is very competitive and you have to distinguish yourself form the other excellent candidates.

    110. hi doc , I love to be a doctor ;but because of I did not credit biology and I said let I start somewhere first so I read environmental health and become a SANITARIAN but I still have in mind to be come a medical doctor, Doc will it be possible to switch over . Reply

      • I need a lot more information to answer your question. Keep in mind that to succeed in becoming a doctor is reserved for those excelling in academics – especially Science and Maths. But if you put your mind to it – it usually is possible with a lot of resolve…

    111. Hi Doctor,

      I’m currently a Canadian fourth year student in university studying Biochemistry. I had only started wanting to become a doctor after my cousin (same age as me) had died from pregnancy complications in the village my parents are from (in Ethiopia). It had always thought that I was never smart enough to be a Doctor eventhough I graduated High School with a 94. Now I have the absolute drive and passion to pursue this career. Currently I have a 4.0gpa this year, but my other years aren’t good enough for a Canadian school: 3.5gpa(3rd year), 3.36gpa(2nd year), 3.8gpa (1st year). Should I pursue a 5th year in university, then apply for Medical school? Or do you think its wiser to go into a Masters and reapply then? I’m just confused as to how I can accomplish this goal. There are some people around me that don’t think I can make it (because I’m pushing 22yrs), but I truly believe medicine is the exact profession I would love.

      • I would personally recommend doing your masters – it will add a lot of value to your resume/application – and at the same time something worthwhile to fall back on if you are unsuccessful (of course we trust you will have success!)

    112. hi doc well im going into yr 11 next year and chose biology, chemistry and physics. as well as standard English, 2 unit math. would these help me exceed in becoming a future GP also what atar and degrees do i need to do in uni to become one?

      • Hi – apologies – we primarily deal with Med School as it happens in the USA – and I unfortunate don’t know much about the Australian system. I do know – as is the case in other countries that it is a very competitive career choice.

    113. Dr Anton Scheepers,

      My name Is Jasmine and I am currently in the tenth grade in high school. My grades are high and I have a 4.5 GPA at the moment. So far I have taken Biology and am taking Chemistry at the moment; both of these subjects aren’t very hard for me, and I have an A in both classes. As for math, I skipped a year in middle school and am ahead of a majority of my peers, so math isn’t too difficult for me either. I’d really love to be a doctor, but the thing that is holding me back is that I’ve always go faint around blood and needles– and I mean I literally faint. Would I really get used to blood? Do you know of any other doctors who were like this that got used to it? Is there anything that I could do to stop fainting?

      Thank you for your time.

      • Hi Jasmine

        I can really identify with you as I also fainted on seeing my first abscess drained by a senior student! And yes one get used to it – that is in fact the least of your troubles – your academics seems to perfectly aligned for realizing your dreams – well done so far!
        You need to work on a respectable resume for the extras – the hospital volunteering and charities – leadership, cultural activities and art/music if you have any time left. Have you considered our premed course?

        Regards and best wishes!
        Dr Anton

    114. I exell in all of the subjects you listed as necessary to be a do ctor, except for math. Is this a deal breaker, or could I still be a surgeon. It is not that I am bad at math, but I am not particularly good. My math skills are simply average.

    115. hi, my is arvind and i just finished my school and going to uni next year so, can you tell me what subjects do i need to take in uni

      i mean bacheolr of sciene, master or paramedic

    116. hi doctor
      i m currently in yr 12 i m doing BIO CHEM MATHSMETHODS FURTHERMATHS ENGLISH are these the general requirements for a dr?
      i would like to know is it possible to become a doctor if u r not like one of those really really smart people in the school?

      • Yes maths in general is important – see premed requirements:

        General (inorganic) chemistry with associated labs
        Organic chemistry with associated lab
        Biology with associated labs (AP Biology may substitute – in that case, two
        advanced biology coursework are strongly recommended)
        General physics with associated labs
        Mathematics (AP courses may substitute; one of the courses must be an introductory-level course in statistics
        English and/or writing

        To become a doctor you have to work hard and smart.

    117. Hi Doc,
      Hello doctor I’m Ruben and I’ve always dreamed of being a doctor but not sure what specific doctor. I want to be a doctor that isn’t an ER doctor but a doctor that someone comes in with a headache or a cut that needs healed kind of like a clinic kind of thing. Can you direct me to which kind of path i want to pursue?

      • Ruben – it seems like you want to be a generalist – like a family physician. As so many medical students wants to go into specialized residencies in surgery, cardiology etc., there is not only a place but in fact a shortage of family physicians in some areas. So one needs to do the 4 years of med school and then apply for a family physician residency…

    118. Hi doctor my name I’d Glanice, I a teacher by profession.I even studied special educational needs which is full of illnesses suffered by learners at school, like epilepsy and how to support them at school. I develop this love for children. finally I would like to retire send register to study medicine. will this be the right move or not. Hope to hear from you soon.

    119. Hi doctor, I am currently doing my second year in medical laboratory science and I want to be a medical doctor, so my question to you is can applying to a medical school with a diploma in medical laboratory science really count in favor considering the fact that I did O Level in my high school? Looking forward to your reply Doctor

      • Hi Musa – all depends on the selection committee and the way they perceive your application. It can count in your favor as you have a lot more medical knowledge compared to the other competing applicants. But they may argue that you have already a good career awaiting you and lets give someone else a chance.

    120. Hi Doc,

      This does not get to do anything with Subjects, but does cracking knuckles for over a period of time cause arthritis. People have been saying it, and i said i want to check with you.

      • In most cases it is a very innocent slipping of cartilage in the small finger joints – but keep in mind – it it occurs within reasonable limits. Both over-use and abuse of any joint – if it occurs over many years/decades may lead to osteo-arthritis. The short answer is a qualified “not really”.

      • Dear Dr. Anton,

        I am currently an undergrad student majoring in Biology BS. I would like to pursue a career in Cardiothoracic and vascular Surgery. My grandfather died of a heart attach and his death has inspired me to choose this path. I have recently shadowed one of the doctor’s in Portland which has motivated even more to become a Surgeon. I would like to know if I can interview you and ask you few questions regards to this field. Thank you.



      • Hi Jasmeen

        I am busy with a major project in Africa and will be for a while – so you are welcome to communicate here – or talk to somebody more accessible/closer to home at this point in time. I have a friend in CA who is a premedical coach – who may be quite helpful to speak to at this point in time… dono[at]
        Best with your studies!
        Dr Anton

    121. I’m in high school-year8 and my dream job is to become a medical practitioner. I would love to know that I would help a patient or even save a life. I love my family and I would love to help them when I’m older. The job fits me perfectly and the money isn’t that bad!;) I really want to know a bit more about it and the subjects I have to get high degrees so I can get started for year 10/11. Despite the disinvantages I still want to become a medical practitioner really bad!

    122. Hello Dr Anton.
      My name is Adedotun Felix,19yrs old,i jst finished my high school.
      And i want to study medicine and surgery in the university.
      I need advice and training from u before i go into d medical school.
      I will like to meet u sir.
      Please this is my phone number +2348100044644 …i wuld be very very glad if u can call me sir.
      I have passion for medicine.
      God bless u sir.
      Please call my number sir

    123. Hi, I’m Caroline and I’m in my last year of gcse. I am planning to go to medical school but I’m not sure which subjects do I need to take because I am currently studying btec applied science so I can’t take biology and physics for a levels. Please help.

    124. Hi doctor, I would like to be a General Practitioner but I’m not sure if there are any interships or something I could do to go towards that path. I’m currently in my junior year of high school. Please let me know what I could do. Thank you

    125. I am 25 years old married w/ four child currently I am in school obtaining my certification as a Medical Assistant w/ Cardiograph Tech, but I want to become a GP (General Practitioner) because I am so fascinated with the human body that I want to understand it in more depth so that I am able to cure a disease before it is able to take down its host. Given the chance to help people live a little longer will make me happy DO you have any suggestion on what I can do and what to look out for while I begin my journey to a better future for me and my children and the people on this earth.

      • Keep in mind the wise words of one of the pioneers of surgery: “I dressed the wound, God healed it” (Ambroise Pare).
        Lay a good academic foundation – basic chemistry, physics and maths – and build up a respectable resume (premedical courses charities and volunteering at hospitals etc…)

      • I was wondering how many years of school do I have to complete to become a General Practitioner and what is the best way to go about it.

      • In the USA – generally 8 years – but 11 before you can practice.
        Lay a good academic foundation – basic chemistry, physics and maths – and build up a respectable résumé (premedical courses charities and volunteering at hospitals etc…)

    126. Hello Dr. Scheepers,

      I am currently in my second year at a community college pursuing a career in the medical field. Initially my goal was to transfer to a nursing program and obtain a BSN. However, I am now more interested in becoming a doctor. My current gpa is a 4.0 and the science courses I have taken thus far are human biology, anatomy, and introduction to chemistry. I plan on changing my major to biology, but I am little hesitant as it requires many chemistry courses. Hence, I have never taken a chemistry course prior to taking it in college, and although it was not too difficult, I am afraid my high gpa will lower if I continue taking the more difficult chemistry courses. Additionally, I am stronger in biological sciences than physical sciences. I understand that chemistry is not a subject I can refrain from taking, but I merely want to maintain a high gpa to get accepted to a medical school-keep in mind that I have the passion and drive to do whatever it takes to reach my goal. With that being said, would you recommend me major in biology or do you have any other suggestions?

      Thank you in advance,
      Madeline B.

    127. Hello Doctor, since I’ve been about 6 I dreamed of becoming a doctor and helping people but now that I am older and have a serious relationship with a girl I find it more and more unlikely that I can become one without abandoning my family in the future. Is there anyway or specific field I can practice that allows me the flexibility to be a doctor and a family man? I have a 3.9 as a senior In a top private school , so grades aren’t an issue. Please respond I love medicine and being a doctor is my dream job.

      • Hi Zach

        You can follow a medical career/become a doctor as well as have a good family life – despite the taxing energy and time required to follow a medical career – one just needs to plan well and have a very disciplined time management program. There are definite maximum working hours enforced even during training theses days.
        Some very successful practicing medical professionals work as little as 3 or 4 days in the week!ton
        Dr An

      • The term to be used should be “alternative healthcare practitioners”. There are just 2 types of medical doctors – Doctor of Osteopathic medicine and doctors of allopathic medicine. The control of alternative healthcare practitioners is fairly vague – but stricter control is most definitely in the pipeline. Some of the alternative medical preparations e.g. homeopathic medicines are controlled – at least to some extent by the FDA.
        My experience has been that alternative medical/healthcare practitioners often fall under one of the following categories:
        1. Practicing using unscientific methods – or
        2. Practicing with mysticism as the basis.
        I suppose there is a place for alternative medical practitioners – especially in the area of healthy life-style – as long as it is based on good science.
        Yes it is legal within the limits of the law – and yes – a lot of restrictions regarding diagnosis and the treatment of diseases – obvious restrictions are these practitioners are not allowed to prescribe pharmacological preparations or perform surgical procedures.

    128. Hi doctor,
      I’m a senior in high school and I want to study medicine after I graduate. I’m currently enrolled in a pharmacy technician academy class and I’m also taking anatomy and physiology combined. Are these good choices for a head start on the medical career. And I’m going to nova for two years and then transfering to another school. Is that going to have an affect on the career I want? Thanks!

    129. Hello Dr! I want to study medicine and become a GP. I’m currently studying my last year of GCSE and I have to pick 5 subjects that I want to do for my A-Level, I’ve picked Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology, but I don’t know what should I pick for my 5th option. I’m not a fan of physics. Any good recommendations? Thanks!

    130. Hi Doc. My son is finishing matric in 2014. his current subjects are pure maths, Physical science, I.T and Life science. Question, will these subjects qualify him to study medicine. 2nd question, Being a South African Indian, is there chances for him studying in South Africa.

      • The subjects appears to e fine – did I miss chemistry somewhere there or is it part of the science subject? South African medical schools work on a quota system – so his chances should be good – all other requirements in place…

    131. Hey Doc, I’m currently doing Training as a Civil Eng Technician. I’ve applied ro Med school and it seems as if my application is going to be succesful. The problem I have now is that,durring my studies when I was doing engineering,I used bussary now I’m afraid that the company will want their money back. Any advice.

      • How about a part time job to start saving up for repaying your bursary amount – because sure they have invested good money into your training and would most definitely/most probably want it back.

    132. Hey Doctor, when I do a levels I think I will take: biology,chemistry,maths and either geography or phycology. Do I need to take physics if I am hoping to be a gp? and is there any subjects that I need to take to have a better chance to be one?

    133. Hey doc, I’m in the UK and currently studying my A Levels. I hope to apply for medicine next year. At the moment I’m just planning on becoming a General Practicioner, I am quite unsure if its a problem that I’m not sure in what I will specialise in. Another problem is thae point in your article relating to struggling with your studies, I tend to get top grades at the end after studying hard, but 1 thing I’ve noticed is that there are various times when I don’t understand something the first time the teacher teaches it, will this be problematic in uni?

      • I believe one should only think about a specific specialty field (or stay a generalist) AFTER qualifying as a doctor – as only then do you have a real basis to make a worthwhile decision on.
        On the second question – I am also sometimes slow on grasping a principle the first time – but once understanding it properly I do remember it better compared to my fellow students. As long as you ensue that you understand each days work properly (take one day at a time) you should really not have any problems to complete and excel in your studies.

    134. Doctor Anton,

      Would like to say that Im choosing subjects for year 11 and my subjects are;
      – Studies of religion
      – Advanced English
      – Modern History
      – General Maths
      – Biology
      Maybe Chemistry or Legal Studies.

      I was thinking of taking Chemistry as a bridging course when i go to uni, because my level of Maths isn’t that good, and that will affect my ATAR. So what are your suggestions and advice you would give for my subjects, requirements and what career do you think these subjetcs would get me into?

      Thank you so much!

    135. Hey Doc! I should say you are my role-model ! Myself just like Mpho and zinhle above said im doing Mathemetics,biology and physical science which has chemistry. I love helping others and i am fucinated about our bodies i also want to study medicine and specialise in oncology im an 11th grade learner doing two languges my question is since i have certificates in arts performances(poetry,drama and music),headboy of the year and national school debating, do i have an advantage when applying at universities ?

      • Hi Julius – you are touching on an important issue!
        The following will increase your chances:
        Excellent academic results (most important – emphaisis on maths and sciences)
        Charity volunteering
        Hospital volunteering
        Leadership positions
        Balance – so other things like music, arts and cultural activities
        Shadowing a medical professional/s (with testimonials)
        Premedical course – like BLS, First aid and The Apprentice Doctor Premedical Course
        Some involvement with medical research
        Sport achievements
        Good score on entrance exam – e.g. MCAT or UKCAT.
        Trust it helps!
        Dr Anton

    136. Hey doctor, before we go into med school, would you suggest taking a non-medical related degree in university before applying to med school. I heard that med schools are now looking for students with a varied background?

      • When I say non-medical I mean majors like Philosophy or something like that….more towards the liberal arts and humanities sector. Also I am a student in Canada so how different is the whole process?

      • Sarah – it is true to some extent – so as long as you complete the med school prerequisites one can major in any subject – but my friend Don Osborne from Inquarta (premed coach) still recommends a somewhat medical/biological major e.g. Biochemistry.

    137. hey doctor, I’m a student in grade9 and i am going to choose subjects this term. I am going to take pure maths, physical science,life science and geography. Do u think that those subjects a good enough for me to become a doctor? Please help me before i choose. Thank you

    138. Hi doctor im currently a junior in highschool but i have freshman credits due to my abscences in freshman and sophmore year. I am trying to make up as many credits as i can. I am thinking about dropping out and getting my GED. Do you think thats a good idea? or should i stay in high school and risk graduating late?

    139. Hey, doctor. I’m a student in gr.9 and I am going to choose subjects this term. I am going to take Physical Science, Pure Maths, Life Science and Accounting as an extra subject. Do you think there is that kind of combination and is there subject right? Please do help me out before I choose the subject.
      Thank you

    140. Goodday Dr Anton I’m currently in grade 10 in the Bahamas and i really want to become a GP but every minute i’m getting discourage thinking that i wouldn’t have no time for family n myself and in high school now I’m taking all the required subjects needed can please tell me or give me a little more on being a General Practitioner.

      • Hi Abbey – if you want to become a doctor – I am sorry – there is no time for becoming discouraged – you have to pursue your dream with all that you have!
        And yes – as a medical professional you will have to make peace with long hours and budgeting time for family and other activities – that is the reality.

    141. Hi Dr. Anton. I’m currently a grade 11 learners and I want to become a GP . I have Biology and Maths but I did not take science. Is there a way I can still become a doctor ? Like do an additional year b starting of with a BSC at Stellenbosch University. Please help.

      • Hi
        You need to catch-up – as you will most definitely not only require – but you will have to excel in Science. Will Stellenbosh accept you for a BSC without Grade 12 Science – I doubt if that would be possible…

    142. Hello Dr. Anton, I am a Vietnamese start living in the US for 2 months. I’m 30, graduated from University of Economics and Law ( Bachelor in Economics) in VN since 2006 and have my own business. I have always love to be a Medical Doctor but I didn’t have a change to. Every time anyone in my family is sick or see people who can’t afford to pay for their medical fee. I feel like I want to be a doctor so bad. Now I am here and really want to be a medical doctor. Where should I look for to know what should I do to start, how how is the course? I’m living in Arlington VA. Thank you very much.

    143. Hi Dr Anton,
      i am currently in year 11 but doing 2 year 12 subjects, i am doing all the subjects that i need in order to study medicine except physics, is there a problem with that? people keep telling me that i would need a high score to get in, is there any other way? i am sure not every doctor got that high to get in, i heard there are other way. thank you.

      • The inroad to medical school is based on your premed dgree results as well as a good MCAT score. MCAT – you will ahve to study the following:
        The “pre-med” classes required by virtually all schools in the US are as follows:
        “Freshman” chemistry along with the appropriate laboratory courses
        Organic chemistry along with laboratory courses
        Biology along with laboratory courses
        Physics along with laboratory courses
        Calculus including advanced math classes and statistics.
        So physics is important.
        Reality is that even with good academic results and a good MCAT score – your will have to show a lot more – volunteering at hospitals, charity, and if you want to impress the selection committee you will have done some medical or scientific research…
        Have you considered to add a good premed course to your resume?
        Best wishes with your career!

    144. Hello , I am a senior in high school, and I’ve always wanted to study medicine, somebody told me that there’s a bachelor degree in physician assistant but I want to know if after I study that I can keep doing a major in medicine. Does the physician assistant bachelor would help me to get a major in medicine.?

      • No – choose one of these 2 careers – PA or MD/DO. It is not impossible to do PA and then Medicine – but it is better to choose one career path form the start – and stick to your decision for various reasons.

    145. Hi, I want to become a General Practice Doctor. What steps would you say I should take? I am currently a Senior and High School and plan to go to a University or State School. What would you say I should Major in? Also, what steps should I take after graduating College?

    146. Hello Dr. Anton,
      I am currently a junior in high school. I know for sure that I want to be a doctor I’m just not sure which kind. So far I have been thinking about being a Pediatrician, OBGYN, Geriatric Doctor, or just a regular General Practitioner. Beside pre-med what other majors could I possibly study in college for each specialty. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing your opinion.

    147. Hi Dr. Anton,
      I am currently a senior in high school right now and I am debating if I should go to a city college or state ? I know that going to city will definitely save me lots of money but I am worried about transferring to State later to receive my Associate’s degree. Any suggestions? If i go to State which college should i go to that has a good medical department . Thank you you help is well appreciated .

    148. Hello Dr. Anton! I have a bit of a predicament here. I’m 21 years old and enlisted for the Military as we speak. I ship out on November 19th and have been pondering a career in which to use my GI Bill for. I would prefer to become a GP due to the simple fact that the human body intrigues me, as well as my yearn to help others in their time of woe. I was a horrible student in highschool and dropped out. I recieved my GED, however I’m attending a University and my GPA has been around 3.63 all year. Please shoot me an E-mail as to how I would start all of this from scratch, I would greatly appreciate the courses I should take, schools I should attend etc. Basicly, help me take the steps you’ve made. I would truly appreciate this.


    149. Dr Doctor,
      I am a 14 year old girl in the U.K and I am very interested about becoming a General Practitioner. I am starting my GSCE’s in a weeks time but would like to know if my year 9 grades were good enough. My maths grades were 8b’s and 8a’s, my chemistry grades were 7a+, my Biology grades were around 7b-a and my physics grades were 6/7 on average. I would also like to know if choosing sociology as a GCSE would positively benefit me. Could you also tell me what levels to aim for, and which areas in the three sciences I should really be focusing on? It would be much appreciated if you could. Thank you!

    150. Hi Dr Anton….I already have a 2i degree in pharmacology and physiology from 20 years ago….if I wanted to now study to be a doctor would I need to start from scratch? As I am a family man…is there a way to some how home study aspects of medicine to work it alongside a job as I can’t afford to take lots of years unpaid! Any suggestions?

    151. Hello Dr Anton, i have to say i am very impressed with the work you have done, i think that you are doing a great job helping students to achieve their goals through this website.
      I am very determined to become my dream job, a General Practitioner. What i wanted to ask is that if i volunteer across my school in jobs which don’t necessarily involve anything to do with science, will it still be look good on my CV if i want to apply for a medical school?

    152. Hello Doctor Professor Sir, its me again! I just read your article about Stefanie and I just got to say you are a genius! now my question is how old do you have to be to volunteer in a real hospital in the UK?
      Thank You very much and may guru nanak bless your life with all of lifes comforts.
      yours sincerely, Karan deep prampreet manmeet jaswal jasdeep sandhu singh dhillon patel thank you

    153. hello Mister Doctor Professor Sir, I am in Year 10 and I am very interested in a career as a General Practitioner, I just wanted to know what grades i should be getting this year and next year in Science, English and Maths. Last year I got all Cs in my foundation GCSE exams and 7c in Maths and English. I am i in the right track?

    154. hi dr anton,
      can you be a doctor by doing a doctorate in Business Admin D.B.A or atleast reffered to? like dr smith or just your name and D.B.A on the end.
      I know this has nothing to do with medicines but an answer from you would be very helpful. thank you

    155. Hellooooo Dr Anton,I want to know whether being a cadiothoracic surgeon is a herculean job and can you have sometime to go vacation with your family?

      • This is a good question – but you need the attitude of “working hard playing hard”. It takes a lot of self discipline and planning to have enough time for your family, recreation etc. The art of life is balancing the various aspects of living. As cacardiothoracic surgeon work can easily intrude into other important areas.

    156. Hello Dr. Anton.
      I am 25, I am a CT/ MR/RT technologist in Miami. I’d like to keep studying. Become a Doctor/radiologist one day….. I would like to know how to start. what are the steps and how long it would take me. thank you

      • The basic steps are always the same:
        Load your resume with lots of extras – charities, hospital volunteering etc.
        B-dgree (with premed prereq’s)
        Write MCAT and apply – AMCAS

    157. Im going to be a senior in highschool in a few weeks…and i really want to know what i should do to become a doctor in medicine. I know this much…first i know i have to finish highschool…then what? And if working as a doctor in medicine could affect my relationships and potentially my future marriage then…..why pursue this career?

    158. Good day Dr Anton,

      As a little girl it was my greatest dream to become a medical doctor. But, my parents got divorced when I was 16 years old and just then and there all my dreams faded away as my whole world were ripped apart. I am 27years old now and only have grade 10 behind my name, is it still possible for someone to complete grade 12 at this age and study to become a doctor? I am a people’s person and have a passion to help those in need. I actually considered to settle for second best and become a paramedic but on the other hand I will feel like a failure seeing that I will not be following my dreams. Please advise??

    159. Hi Dr Anton my name is Fortune, am from Nigeria, i have always wanted to b a dr since i ws a little boy cos i have a very caring heart but the thing is that i dnt know the aspect to go into and medicine takes alot of time to study so what should i do

    160. Hi Dr. Scheepers,

      I’m 26 this year and am planning on FINALLY starting tertiary education next year – my original plan was to study Business but I have now decided that I would like to pursue an education and career in medicine.
      Given my age – do you think this is appropriate? I understand that this will be a lengthy path for me but it is definitely what I would like to do.
      I do not live in the U.S but where I do live, it is usual for most to start tertiary education straight out of high school so I have left this quite late.

    161. Hi Anton,my name is queen,I’m from nigeria,I love taking care of people,helping and I have the passion since I was in my primary I have always wanted to be a medical doctor so as for me to give what and help people expect ally the masses.i was discouraged by I am a graduate of business adm and I’m 27years of age the passion is still there pls advice dr anton

    162. Hi great Doctor Anton, I’m here to ask some questions because i’m going to choose Medical sciences for study. Kindly tell me that what is the difference between Medical Doctor (MD) and Medical Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Which one is good? Please also tell me that which course is needed to study to be a good medical doctor in Germany. Thanks.

    163. Hi Dr. Anton. I am a grade 10 student and i want to know if i need physics to become a general practitioner and also what is the average needed to become a general practitioner?

      • Physics highly recommended – some questions on physics in the MCAT.
        In the American system one is not selected on the basis of grade 12 results – but bottom line is you should be in the top 5-10% of achievements.

    164. hi Dr. Anton. I am a grade 10 student of the Montego Bay High School for Girls and I was wondering if I need physics to become a general practitioner and also the average that is needed to become a doctor?

    165. I’m frm South Africa n I obtained a nursing diploma(4 year course)! I would like 2 study towards a doctrate! I didn’t do science in high school. I would like to knw if I would qualify to study to be a Dr????

    166. Hi I am a grade 12 learner from Dale College Boys high school and being a doctor has always been my desire, and I have always loved working with people. I just wrote my midyear exam and I did not meet the requirements of qualifying to become a doctor. Is the by any chance that I would be even considered?

    167. Hello Doctor, would u please further clarify what u meant by saying “It takes a number of years to build a private practice that will be able to sustain you and your family economically.” ?

      • It is like a tree – it takes time to “grow” a newly established practice – and thus the same with the finances. You can buy an established practice or join as an associate to an existing practice – at a fee of course!

    168. Why is it that there is no good relationship between medical doctors and medical laboratory scientist or biomedical scientist? Also is there any job limitation of each sides?

      • That is a good question – and I don’t know the answer – why not do research on the subject – do a nice questionnaire and analyze the results. Research counts a lot of credits when applying to med school!

    169. Hi, Dr Anton.
      I am an Australian high school student and I am looking to become a general medicine practitioner. I get mainly C’s and a few B’s in my subjects. I am studying hard to improve my grades but would this be enough to get into med school?

    170. Hi Dr. Anton Scheepers,
      My name is Samantha i want to become a general practitioner and my question is, was your career very difficult? & Did it ever cross through your mind to give up?

    171. Hi, dr. Anton. I have a question for you, what is the difference between MD and DR ? For example, I see there are some people use dr. Swocky or Swocky, MD ? Thank you 🙂

      • Dr or DR is the abbreviation for Doctor e.g. Dr Oz. MD refers to the qualification – as one gets many types of doctors – usually doctorate degrees in various other fields – MD specifically refers to Medical Doctor (as opposed to DO which refers to a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)

    172. Am Seun, I v dat zeal and passion 2 b a medical surgeon. It interests me 2 help,care,make people happy inspite of their situations wich are part of the qualities of a doctor. How far and how well do I have 2 read my books. And what are the things I must start practising personal 2 keep the zeal burning. Pls is there no other means I can reach u apart from this site?

      • You have to show a keen interest by reading books and articles regarding medicine and surgery. The Internet makes it quite easy!
        Study hard, keep on dreaming and plan – those are the keys!

    173. Hi Dr Anton, I’m a professional nurse at GJ crookes hospital in south coast of kzn(south africa).just now I’ve been thinking I follow my dream of becoming a medical doctor but I never studied physics in high school, I got biology ,geography ang agricultural sciences,is it possible that I use my nursing certificate to bridge for the doctors studies

      • Zinhle in theory it is possible – but the competition for available spots are so intense that it is at the same time very unlikely. An understanding of physics and chemistry is very basic to studying medicine. There are simply so many applicants with A+ symbols in Maths, Physics and Chemistry – and they will be beating your application. But why not – give it a try and apply!

    174. hi dr anton,
      I was just wondering how old will I be when I have finished my MD and how many do I have to do the degree? I know that every doctor has to do 1 year post guard thingy….
      also, I am still a kid how will I know that career in doctor MD is the choice for me or the one for me? how did you know yours? thanks

    175. Hi Dr Anton!
      I was investigating the requirements for a career as a doctor and stumbled across the study of physician assistance. Would you please enlighten me on what they do and the difference between physician assistants and doctors? What are the study differences? Thankyou! Jess 🙂

      • Physician assistant (PA) is a great career in medicine to follow if one is not keen on the long years of studying medicine. The course is also fairly intense – and a PA assists various types of doctors- usually specialists e.g. surgeons – and a PA may for instance harvest the vein graft in a leg during a cardiac bypass procedure – so they are allowed to do a bit more than just assisting. Finances is good – but obviously not the same as the income of a doctor. I personally believe a PA is a great career if you love medical things and working in a hospital – but at a somewhat less intense level compared to a e.g. a surgeon.

    176. Hi Dr Anton!
      I am 15 & have been strongly considering a career in medicine. I live in Australia and I am currently studying biological science, chemistry, physical science and distance-ed health science. Are there any overseas pre-medical trips/work experience hands-on, which you would recommend? Or medical service trips, which I could gain hands-on experience?

      • It is true – and slightly optimistically so – as it is more like 35-40%. Medical schools can only accommodate a certain number of students – thus the vigorous selection process and criteria!

    177. Dr Anton.
      Congratulations on the fantastic website! Very helpful resource. Just a couple of questions: Is physics a necessary subject choice in years 11 & 12 if biology and chemistry are already being studied? Also, Stethoscopes: are cheap $8 stethoscopes worth buying? Not to be used by a professional, just for a high-school student. Will heart, lung & bowel sounds be detectable?
      Many thanks,

    178. Hi. I’m Blake. I’m 16 years old, just finished my sophomore year, and am interested in becoming a general practitioner. I’m unsure of what colleges I can go to in the state of Mississippi, what to go to college for and what to get, and research hasn’t helped very much. If anyone can assist, I would be grateful.

    179. Dear Dr Anton,
      I am 13 years old and unsure about a career. my friend is going to be a stockbroker whereas my parents encourage me to be a doctor or any highly rated job.(pilots, engineering). I want to be MD doctor though if I fail to make it as a professional footballer. right now I want to get triple science ( my test is on this Monday….) anyway I just would like to know roughly how old would you be when you complete your MD? and the stages I have to go through from GCSE’s. on my gcses options I got business studies, geography and history.(I wanted to pick IT but I realised you can do that afterwards locally)
      ps: my main worries is the age….and all the money..(I will be in debts) how can you cope with all that? never mind the pressure. Thanks, hope you reply as quick as you can.

      • You can apply to do a degree in Medicine straight after your A Levels. Most courses are 5 years long, but some are six.
        Yes – it is expensive and one needs to plan carefully!
        How do one cope? Take one step at a time!

      • so, lets say I didn’t get triple science but I got double science which should I choose?
        different scenario- I didn’t get any science just a normal one can I still do a degree in my chosen subject after my Gcses? or do I have to excel in my normal science in GCSE?
        thank you,
        plz reply quick

      • I am not an expert on the UK system but the way I have it is that normal science will be perfectly fine but triple science will lead you into an A level for biology and chemistry – required to become a doctor. So you may find A Level’s easier if you take triple science, but you don’t need to take triple science to become a doctor.

    180. Hi Dr Anton Scheepers
      Your advice has been great so far and its the most information I’ve been able to find as of yet. I am curious though, I’m an Australian resident and a year 12 graduate but had always been indecisive about a career. I’ve taken my gap year and currently in employement and looking to study again. I believe I have everything I need to become a gp except in my later years of school I never took the subjects mentioned above. Will this affect me? What would I need to do to become a gp in Australia and what courses would I need to partake in?
      Kind Regards

      • I am fairly ignorant regarding the Australian system – but my suspicion is that it is derived from the British system. Actually all over the world the following subjects are required for medicine: Mathematics, Science – chemistry, physics (physical studies) and biology(life sciences). It basically boils down to redoing Gr 12 – include and excel in these subjects. A career guidance center at a medical university will spell out the exact details and entrance requirements for medicine.

    181. Hi doctor ……I want to study medicine, I’m now in a college studying general courses. So after there where can I begin from n enroll in the medical feed….

    182. So I think I’ve always wanted to become a doctor…like I love to help people and help those that are sick. But I’m terrified of all the courses I have to take in college. I’m not the brightest in science, honestly, it’s not my favorite subject. So I was wondering if these courses that I would take are difficult for an average student.

    183. Hi im in 11 grade and I just finished it but my average was 88 out of 100 I have all the necescerly things to be a docter but im just wondering can u study medical if ur not really good in school years

      • Well done!
        In the USA – yes – at least in theory. But in reality it is during one’s school years that one learns the disciple to study diligently and for long hours.
        Entrance to med school in the USA is based mainly on your premed degree results as well as your MCAT results.

    184. hey sir I have this ongoing issue that I want to become a doctor since its my dad’s dream but I want to complete in 5 years so what undergraduate degree should I go for I am very confused since I am a highly capable student but I want to get a doctor name soon and not a dentist
      I also wanted to know what undergraduate program to choose if I want to be a GP

    185. Thanks for my last question, but for some unknown reason my school won’t allow us to take more than two subjects in one area (e.g I can take Chemistry & biology but not all 3).
      Do you think it’s best to try & somehow get a third science?
      If I can’t get a third science what 2 sciences would you think is best?

      • Not sure, I’ll check up on that.
        I guess I’m taking English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Computing & German then =/
        I’m taking IGCSE next, year, so what % should I get getting in my external examinations? (If you can try make it accurate and not rounded, thanks) (Please don’t say something like always aim for 100% ect, I want to know how much I should be getting around =/ thanks)

    186. Hi I m hamid i want chose sudjet for next year I m leve 10 but i dont know which one is better?i need chose engineering or docter?but i dont know how long will be take each of the subject? some one tell me its take about 12 years study in unversity to become docter ? could you please tell me what subject and how long take ?thanks

      • Hamid – I’m sorry – it is impossible for me to tell you which one is better between engineering and medicine – it all depends on you, and what you want to do with your life. If you are unsure, you will have to see a career guidance professional.
        Subjects in medical school are numerous – one starts with the basic medical sciences – like anatomy and physiology then pathology, and microbiology and after that medicine and surgery and the later years the applied medical fields like anesthetics, orthopedics etc. You can qualify ass a medical doctor in the USA in 8 years – then residency of 3 to 8 or 9 years…

    187. hi,sir i am tanya from india and i m in class 12th and want to become a doctor and i am realy confused which course should i opt for and which place is good for medical feild.can you help me for my problem..

      • As previously noted – I know the USA system quite well – but not so sure about India. I found the informative answer with reference below (edited):

        “I assume that you have taken you biology group (which is mandatory for a medical college admission). What is important to you as of now is just your entry into a good medical college for which you need to get a high cut-off in your entrance exam. For the rest of your questions you could research later. First get into college. I think you could go for MBBS/BDS/.. Not so much aware of it. I’m just telling you what my friends (doctors) did. And then do higher studies (specialization). Like my friend is doing it in physiotherapy now. Her uni has got tie ups with uni abroad. So she got an opportunity now (while studying) to go to UK to do her project.
        Good luck!! xx

        1) Do class 12 exams really well
        2) Do entrance exam really well
        3) So you ll have high cut off – go for counselling
        4) Select your medical college ( remember a really high cut off can only help you)
        5) If you don’t happen to qualify for a public medical college, you will have to pay a lot of money and get a medical seat from a private medical college. (Like my friend got hers in Ramachandra)
        6) Do well in college. Choose your specialization.
        7) Then do your higher studies.
        Also try this exam – AIPMT – All India Premedical … check it out…”


    188. Hi sir,
      I want to become a psychiatrist and not being big headed but my grades are alright. However I do have a few obstacles as I have a stutter and that would be a problem as a psychiatrist consoles people and advises and diagnoses mental disorders correct?
      Also how much does a psychiatrist earn and at the age of 14 can i do anything to help me, like volunteer work. Also do you recommend any books about psychiatry?

    189. hello sir,
      i am a student from india and i study in the 9th future i want to be a doctor.i love science (physics,chemistry and biology)but i score some sort of marks less in mathematics.will u please suggest me that how many percents will i need to be a good doc.and which studies i should prefer next.

    190. Hello sir I would like to become a doctor.
      I’m in year 10 (taking IGCSE next year) & English+Maths are compulsory next year for me. I need four additional subjects. Can you pick out of the following what I would need to become a doctor/what universities would like to see?
      Accounting, Art, Biology. Chemestry, Computing, Economics, Geography, Germal, Graphic Design, History, Physics, Physical Education.
      Thank you for your time and input.

    191. Hello Sir,

      I am from Vietnam and currently attend college in the U.S. I am currently in my third year in engineering school. My GPA is just a little higher than 3.2. I did pretty well with math and science. I only took four basic courses in biology (lectur es and labs) and passed with Cs. I am sure I could do better if I had have more effort for them. I have determined to pursuit a M.D degree because I feel a growing urge for helping sick people. How much is the chance for a profile like mineto be accepted to a medical school? What could I do in order to increase that chance? I am certain that I have the passion and perseverance for it, but I don’t know if my aptitude is suited for this profession. Could you please give me some guidance on these concerns?


      Collin Vu

    192. Hello, I’m a mature age (29) female and have finally been able to grasp what I want to do when “I grow up” ;p. I have to go back and get some pre-requisite science and maths which is fine and then a biomedical degree and apply for Med School. I already have a bachelor degree but it is in Intercultural Studies. I am so incredibly excited to start this journey and go all the way to the end and become a practicing GP. My main concern is the comments you make about “fierce competition”. Is this a field where a qualified practitioner should be concerned about job opportunity?

      • Fierce competition refers to getting accepted into a medical school – but after being qualified as a doctor there are ample job opportunities!
        I have found the OldPremeds group to be very helpful with practical advice and resources – contact them via their website:
        Best of luck!

    193. hello sir i’m from Australia and i’m in year 10 ,i really really like to become a general doctor since i was a little kid but i just wanna know which high school you prefer to go that they focus more about science !i’m really wondering if i’m just wasting my time in a normal school !!!!!

      • Apologies – I am very ignorant regarding medical training in Australia. But the general rule is – focus in on maths and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Life sciences). If you attend a “regular” school and they offer the above subject – then simply go for it where you are!

    194. Hi, I am in high school right now and I excel in all classes especially in mathematics and science like 95+ averages. I am a hard worker and I enjoy helping people and sympathizing with them. I am wondering if I have the potential to become a successful doctor.

    195. hello sir,i’m from india & i’m 17 year old. i have completed my 12th class with maths subject & percent is 60%. I wants to become a doctor because i love caring of people & interest about biology. I’m very worry because i don’t know what should i do now for becaming doctor. Plz help me

      • Hi – I am unfortunately not sure about the medical school requirements in India – but I’m guessing that it is as competitive as in other parts of the world. You will have to up your academics to an average of 80% or more – even if you have to redo a year. Otherwise start with a science degree and apply to med school on completion of that degree – any comments from Indian medical students?

    196. I have always had, in the back of my mind the urge to be a doctor, since I was little it was my dream career but somewhere along the lines I thought I couldn’t and took up a school-based Chef’s apprenticeship… I now know that is NOT what I want to do in my life but I have already chosen my subjects for years 11 and 12. What can I do? Can I still become a doctor like I have always wanted? I didn’t choose any kind of science or maths… What are my options? Please help! I am very, very dedicated and I love learning and helping people, this is my calling, this is what I want to do!

    197. hello sir,
      can i be a medical doctor by keeping Chemistry, Physics and Maths in my GCE A-Levels..
      I didnt take biology..
      any way to be a Doctor using those subjects

      • To be honest I don’t know the UK system that well – but as far as I know the answer – at least in theory is – yes. The problem really is – if there are 2 candidates with the same level of excellence – the one with the other without biology – they probably will prefer the applicant with biology.

    198. Hello,

      Im currently in 4th year in high school and i am trying to persue a career as a gp, but so far im discouraged.i am in the highest in every subject i do (biology, chemistry,computing studies, french,maths and english) i was wondering if you need physics as my school doesnt allow people take 3 sciences. Also i work well in a group and have been credited on my people skills but im not sure if i have done well enough ps im not afraid of blood.

      Email back please

      • No room for doubts or discouragement – medicine is just too competitive for one to allow these emotions to pull you down. Physics is – for all practical purposes essential – although you may find exceptions to this statement. The human body operates in a physical world by physical principles – so my opinion is that it is essential. Talk to your career guidance teacher.

    199. This site really helps with my homework, especially when you have a teacher who asks for further explanation that wasn’t mentioned in a question she asked. Keep up the great work! *thumbs up*

      • To answer the question in more detail one needs to know in which country you are living. But a general answer is – you should aim for the very best grades – as the competition to become a doctor in almost ALL countries around the world is simply fierce.

    200. Hello, I’m a Australian High school student in year 11 and have always longed for a career in the medical field. I’ve always strived and excelled in most of my year levels.
      I find helping others to be very fulfilling because it gives you a sense of need and meaning one that most people don’t understand.
      If I become a doctor I would want to get the bare minimum income because to me its not about the money its about healing the wounds of the sick and ill , its about sacrificing your time to help those around you in need. Its about providing hope to those less fortunate than you. That’s why I want to become a Neurosurgeon.

    201. hi my name is gabija.I was wondering if physics and chemistry are important for becoming a surgeon?also does it matter if your studying ordinary level maths , does it give a less chance of becoming a surgeon? reply as soon as possible,thank you for your time!

      • Excellence in maths, chemistry and physics are both important and essential if you want to become a doctor – and then later become a surgeon! The human body is a highly complex bio-chemical factory – and moves and works on the basis of physical principles in a physical environment. Maths teaches one logical thinking – and that is essential for making a diagnosis. Trust it helps!

    202. I would loved to be in the medical field but I’m not sure yet because I don’t want to open bodies. I don’t think I will faint but the sound and the feeling you get when you have to cut the skin, it’s just blahh!!

    203. hello, I am really considering becoming a GP for a career but am unsure that I will be up to the task. I spent the last 3 hours studying different medical careers and looking up info about med school. I am discouraged to say the least. I really want to do this but every website I pull up is encouraging me not to pursue it. I wish I could just talk to a real person so I can get the real story. I would really appreciate if you emailed me back soon. (side note: I’m very good with people and have been noted for my great people skills, I am a honor role student with about a 3.7 GPA and I don’t get skirmish around blood or other related things.) I just want to know if I will be happy doing this for the rest of my life.

      • Hi Emily,

        Deciding on a career is huge and internet research can only do so much for you, which is quite frustrating. From what you’ve said, it sounds like you have a doctor’s personality. We have a medical camp coming up in July that is perfect for you. You will get the opportunity to talk to various doctors, including Dr Monica Watts and Dr Anton Scheepers for a full 5 days while learning about what doctors do and what it’s like to be a doctor.

        The whole experience is specifically designed for people who are deciding on whether or not to become a doctor. It’s perfect for you! You can read more about it at The Apprentice Doctor Medical Camp Experience

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