Attain >200 Med./Surg. Skills Hours: Medicine and Healthcare Careers

Clinical shadowing hours are almost a universal requirement for admission to medical academic training institutions

Attain >200 medical/surgical skills hours – that may qualify for alternative shadowing hours – by performing various distance learning medical and surgical skills courses online!

Start with the first 60 hours by completing the Future Doctors Academy Basic Medical Course – while using the Future Doctors Medical Kit – with the option of adding a professional finger Pulse Oximeter!


Do you know that according to the AAMC, 87% of medical schools accept alternative hours?

Legislation (e.g., HIPAA and equivalent laws governing an patient’s rights on privacy), as well as the recent COVID19 pandemic regulations, have made it highly challenging for students to acquire clinical shadowing hours. The Apprentice Doctor® has developed an innovative alternative to these required shadowing hours. Students can now accumulate up to 250 certified alternative shadowing hours by completing a variety of hands-on medical and surgical subjects. This way, they get exposed to a variety of medical and surgical disciplines.

Students complete a range of Future Doctors Online Courses and use the Apprentice Doctor® Medical/Surgical simulation training kits to complete the practical projects contained in the course material. Future Doctors Academy students will acquire practical and useful medical and surgical skills. They will perform simulation procedures that most students only get an opportunity to do in in medical school or in their residency years.

A wide variety of medical and surgical knowledge and skills will be gained, for example:

  • Acquire over fifty foundation medical examination and diagnostic skills.
  • Learn how to suture wounds on multi-layered, highly realistic artificial skin, and learn which suturing technique is best for which type of injury.
  • Practice drawing blood and learn how to perform phlebotomy on various blood vessels even when they’re stubbornly hard to find.
  • Practice controlling and stopping a life-threatening bleed pouring out at 120/80 (or higher) mmHg.
  • Learn how to scrub for surgery and master the critical subject of Sterility and Asepsis.
  • Learn how to set a broken bone for various types of fractures (open and closed reduction).
  • Discover how to lower your medico-legal risks and improve your success in private practice by mastering Behavioral Science.
  • Learn how to conduct a professional research study.

The unique difference compared to other online courses is that students will not only gather knowledge but will perform numerous practical medical techniques and simulation procedures, and thus gain useful medical and surgical skills.

Future Medical Professional students busy gaining medical and surgical skills – and having an incredible amount of fun in the process!

Have a look at the following videos:

Suturing Basic Surgical Skills Course Aseptic Technique Course
Future Doctors Kit Stop the Bleed Workshop Phlebotomy Kit

New courses are in the development stage and will be published online at regular intervals.

The following courses/kits are currently available:

The Future Doctors Academy Course The Associated Apprentice Doctor® Kit
Foundation Medical Skills For Future Doctors Foundation Kit
Surgical Knot tying and Suturing Suturing Skills Kit (various kits)
Behavioral Science People Skills No kit applicable
Phlebotomy and IV-skills Venipuncture Kit
Sterility and Aseptic Technique How to Scrub for Surgery Pack
Control Bleeding Stop the Bleed Kit
Orthopedic Fracture Reduction Kit

All of the above certified courses are FREE to all students who own an Apprentice Doctor® Kit!

Order your Simulation Training Kit by clicking on the relevant kit photo:

FuturueDoctorsMedicalKit SuturingKit PhlebotomyTrainingKit
orthopedic fracture reduction kitFracture Reduction Kit Stop the Bleed Kit Aseptic Technique Kit
Various Apprentice Doctor® Simulation Training Kits

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Future Doctors Courses and the alternative number of shadowing hours to be earned

At the end of each course, students will receive a certificate indicating the credit hours, as well as an academic transcript. Students may also request a formal motivational letter to the educational institution for considering the alternative hours for shadowing credits.

Register now for one of the Future Doctors Academy’s courses and start your medical or surgical skills course while the relevant kit is being shipped to you!
The Future Doctors Academy has the vision of assisting you with reaching your goals and dreams of becoming a successful medical professional.

Q’s &A’s

1. How many medical schools accept alternatives to clinical shadowing?

In the USA, the percentage is close to 90%. According to the AAMC, 87% of medical schools accept alternative hours. Here follows is a quote from the AAMC: “In a 2016 survey of medical school admissions officers conducted by the AAMC, 87% of respondents indicated that they accept an alternate activity instead of clinical shadowing.”

2. In the unlikely event that the medical school I am applying to does not accept alternative shadowing hours, what should I do?

Consider simulation skills courses and alternative clinical experiences:

Simulation medical and surgical skills courses: complete as many medical and surgical simulation courses as possible, for instance: American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support (BLS), Stop the Bleed (STB), First Aid (various levels), and as many of the Future Doctors Courses (Suturing, Phlebotomy, Basic Surgical Skills, Aseptic Technique, etc.)

Alternative clinical experiences:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Becoming a CNA is a great way to get hands-on clinical experience while earning additional income.
  • Volunteer EMT. Serving as a volunteer emergency medical technician (EMT) is a great way to gain hands-on experience as an entry-level health care provider.
  • Hospice volunteer. Assist a Hospice as a volunteer and learn how to deal with the realities of death.
  • Hospital Scribe. A hospital scribe assists with gathering patients’ information and help with the documentation in a section of a hospital.
  • A caretaker assists families with very sick family members with day to day needs.

3. I am an aspiring Physician Assistant (PA). Will these courses help me?

Indeed – the range of Future Doctors Courses will benefit most aspiring medical professionals, including aspiring physicians, Physician Assistants, Nursing professionals, Paramedics, etc. Almost all medical disciplines need a solid medical skills foundation.

4. I have completed my Future Doctors Academy Course/s, and my medical school’s admission officer does not allow alternative clinical shadowing hours. What can I do with the Future Doctors Academy Certificates?

As a bare minimum, you should be able to add these hours and certificates under the section “healthcare activities.” The Future Doctors Academy certificates signify a tremendous amount of useful medical and surgical information – and not just head knowledge – you will gain dozens and dozens of medical and surgical skills that will be useful for the rest of your professional life. See it as a head-start to your medical/medical professional/healthcare studies!


This section is quoted from the AAMC website (AAMC website):

“No matter how you choose to gain clinical experience, it’s important to remember quality is more important than quantity. Admissions officers want you to not only show depth of experience and a longitudinal commitment to the work you choose, but also to be able to articulate how your medical exposure has informed your motivation for a career in medicine.  You can learn more about each school’s policies regarding clinical experiences in the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR). It’s also a good idea to contact any medical school that you’re interested in to ensure that your planned activity meets their admission criteria.”

Important note: The Apprentice Doctor® is in a constant process of promoting the concept of alternative shadowing hours to academia. It nonetheless remains the specific academic institution’s prerogative and choice to “accept” or “not accept” any proposed alternative shadowing hours. It is, therefore, the student’s (and parent’s) exclusive and final responsibility to check with the specific academic institution/s (the one/s the student intends applying to) regarding their willingness to accept the Future Doctors Academy credit hours as alternative shadowing hours or as healthcare activities hours. The Future Doctors Academy does not have any special arrangements with any organization or any individual medical school regarding the acceptance of Future Doctors Academy credit hours.

Best wishes!

The leadership and staff of the Future Doctors Academy wish you the best with your future and trust that you will reach your goals and dreams.

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