Veterinary Technicians Love What They Do

How Robin Became a Veterinary Technician When Robin was ten years old, her father bought her a thoroughbred colt whom she named Fox. She groomed him every day and sometimes even slept in the barn with him. The two were inseparable. When Fox was old enough, she trained him, and he became a show horse. … Read more

The Case For Nurse Practitioners

Story at a Glance Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are highly skilled nursing professionals who provide comprehensive care to patients with a high degree of autonomy. This article defines the profession and provides information on: Roles and responsibilities. Training and education. Licensure and certification.   One of the writers for our site goes to a nurse practitioner … Read more

Self-Care Tips for Medical Professionals

Nurses, surgeons, doctors…all healthcare professionals lead busy lives. The mental and physical demands of their work can be challenging and extremely tiring. The paradox of being a healthcare professional is that even though we care for others, we often lose sight of our health and habits among our busy day-to-day lives. You may feel like … Read more

Value-Based Medicine: healthcare’s future

  Story-at-a-glance Value-based medicine is an upcoming healthcare delivery system centered on the patient, and patient outcomes. The goals, gender, age, and even culture of the individual are taken into account. Volume-based care, our current system of fee for services rendered, will be replaced over time. Five factors drive value-based medicine. A primary one is … Read more

A Day in the Life of a Neurologist and Neurosurgeon

As you’ve learned in our series on neurology, this specialized medical field is complicated and requires years and years of schooling before you can enter into private practice. Even though you’re now familiar with these details and the amount of education you need, you may still be wondering what a typical day is like for … Read more

Q & A – Interview with a Surgical Technologist

Today we present an interview with Leann Williams, a surgical technologist and surgical technologist educator from Tucson, Arizona. What makes surgical technologists special? “We are one of the only healthcare professionals who get the opportunity to hold a beating heart, touch the brain; not just a mind, and bring life into this world.” How did … Read more

Becoming a Certified Surgical First Assistant / Surgical Assistant

If, after becoming a certified surgical technologist and working in the field for a period of time, you may want to advance in this allied health career. If this sounds like you, investigate becoming a Certified Surgical Assistant (CSA), or Certified Surgical First Assistant (CSFA). Surgical assistants are medical professionals who assist both surgeons and … Read more

Suturing Practice With Fake Skin

What is the best material to practice your suturing skills on? Although silicon skin is helpful and convenient for the practice of suturing, it doesn’t always behave like real skin. It looks authentic, but the feel, touch and handling characteristics are imprecise if you’re looking for a genuine experience. That’s why buying high quality silicon … Read more