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Medicine is both an intellectual and practical discipline at the same time, so you need to have a hands-on approach, and have somebody guiding you, correcting you, and sometimes leaving you to sweat it out when the situation calls for it.

Medical students have to study and retain an immense amount of knowledge, and at the same time work in a training hospital treating patients for extended periods of time. From time to time you will be working for 24 hours or longer continuously!

Surgery is all about anatomy, physiology and pathology and anesthetics is all about physiology, pharmacology and physics, but in the final analysis, you can only learn the practical technique of performing surgery or giving a general anesthetic in the operating theater.

Here is the secret why medical students manage to retain such an immense amount of information and knowledge:
They are constantly putting their theoretical knowledge into practice. Lectures in the mornings; clinical sessions the rest of the day.

I designed The Apprentice Doctor Medical Course to apply these basic principles in the course, so do ALL the practical projects. Don’t skip one!

The course is designed to establish some very essential principles and habits of medicine in your mind, and if you follow the steps, and complete the course, the basic steps of making an accurate diagnosis will be part of your neurological pathways – established in your conscious and subconscious mind, ready to be used as if by second nature.

You may ask, “Do I really need to study the basic technique of washing hands hygienically?”

The answer is “YES”!
Worldwide thousands upon thousands of deaths occur due to well meaning healthcare workers in hospitals not washing their hands properly – spreading disease in this way, and causing the unintentional death of patients!

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Dr. Anton

 Medical School
Dr. Anton Scheepers, BChD, MDent, FFD(SA), MFOS, President of The Apprentice Corporation

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