Is Anti-Aging Today’s Fountain of Youth?

  Anti-Aging – A Continue the Conversation topic Anti-aging is the first topic in a new monthly series I call Continue the Conversation. In each monthly   segment, I’ll be providing my thoughts on a topic related to healthcare. Then I’ll invite you to continue the   conversation. From your thoughts, I hope to learn more about … Read more

The Case For Nurse Practitioners

Story at a Glance Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are highly skilled nursing professionals who provide comprehensive care to patients with a high degree of autonomy. This article defines the profession and provides information on: Roles and responsibilities. Training and education. Licensure and certification.   One of the writers for our site goes to a nurse practitioner … Read more

What Are the Benefits and Risks Of Immunization?

Story at a Glance The topic of immunization is one that confuses many people. It is fraught with myth mixed with fact. After reading this article, you’ll learn about: The benefits and risks of immunization. The social responsibility of immunization. Natural immunity. Specific information about measles vaccinations can be found here. You’ll also be provided … Read more

Helping the Trauma Victim as a Trauma Nurse

Story at a Glance According to the National Trauma Institute, trauma accounts for 41 million emergency department visits and 2.3 million hospital admissions across the nation each year. One of the first individuals that trauma patients see is a Trauma Nurse. Today’s article focuses on the following information about trauma nurses: the difference between a trauma … Read more

8 Surgical Specialties for Registered Nurses

Becoming a Surgical Nurse Article at a Glance In our nursing articles you have read about post-secondary degrees in nursing. You have even learned how to improve your application for getting into nursing school. In today’s article you’ll read about 8 surgical specialties you can pursue once you are a licensed registered nurse. For each … Read more

Demystifying the New FDA Nutrition Label

  Story at a glance In May of 2016, the FDA announced new nutrition labeling guidelines. Demystifying the new FDA nutrition label, as well as the old one, helps all of us make better informed decisions about what we eat. Changes in the label include: New guidelines on serving sizes Inclusion of added sugars Updated … Read more

5 Reasons Your Application Gets Rejected by Nursing Schools

Story at a Glance Do you want to become a nurse, but can’t get into a program? There are 5 probable reasons your application gets rejected by nursing schools. Do your nursing school applications contain any of the following weaknesses? You haven’t completed the pre-requisites (or you may not know what they are). Your grade … Read more

OR Nurses; An Interview with Cindy McPhee, RN

OR Nurses Our podcast today is with Cindy McPhee, RN. Cindy McPhee has been a registered nurse for over 33 years. She attended Youngstown State University and graduated with an associate degree in registered nursing. After passing the NCLEX-RN, she began working as an OR nurse. In her career, Cindy trained as a Circulating Nurse, … Read more