Becoming a Dental Assistant

As a dental assistant, you’ll work as a member of a dental health team and assist dentists in all phases of dentistry. Unlike dental hygienists, who work directly with patients, dental assistants work directly for the dentist. They are normally chair side and help with procedures at the direction of the dentist. Becoming a dental … Read more

Are You Keeping Your Heart Healthy?

Many years ago, before everyone had a cell phone, a friend of mine put a little sign next to her landline that read, “Stress is when your gut says no and your mouth says yes.” She did that because she had a hard time saying no to any request. The pressure of having too much … Read more

Apprentice Doctor® Phlebotomy and Injection Techniques Trainer – Instructions for Use

Practice Phlebotomy and Injection Techniques in a Real to Life Simulation way! Warnings: Latex tubes – DO NOT USE if allergic to latex! Contain sharp items like a needle – take great care to avoid needle-stick injuries Instructions for Use of the Apprentice Doctor® Phlebotomy and Injection Techniques Pad : 1. Open box and unpack … Read more

Veterinary Technicians Love What They Do

How Robin Became a Veterinary Technician When Robin was ten years old, her father bought her a thoroughbred colt whom she named Fox. She groomed him every day and sometimes even slept in the barn with him. The two were inseparable. When Fox was old enough, she trained him, and he became a show horse. … Read more

Diabetes And Your Medical Team

The Story of Alan Alan worked for Tasha, a colleague of mine and a contributor to our blog. Alan’s job was about 80% travel, and when he was in town, he spent most of his off-hours with his family. Although he was slightly overweight and didn’t eat right, he considered himself in good health. One … Read more

Getting Your 2019 Health Resolution to Work

You may know Arnold Schwarzenegger better as The Terminator, but did you know that last spring he had open heart surgery? You can imagine how devastating it was for a former Mr. Universe to heal from major surgery before he could return to his healthy lifestyle and fitness routine. It took him six months of … Read more

What Is a Medical Assistant?

Story at a Glance Medical assisting is one of the fastest growing, entry-level medical professions in healthcare. It is also one where training can be obtained in under a year, putting you into the field quickly. Today’s article gives you a snapshot of what it takes to becoming a medical assistant, the characteristics employers look … Read more

12 Ways to Reduce Your Risk For Breast Cancer

Story at a Glance Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States. There are factors you can’t control, such as heredity links or breast density. However, today’s article provides 12 different ways you can minimize your risk of breast cancer. All of them are things you … Read more