The Gauteng Medical and Surgical Skills Program for Future Doctors — Program:  March 2020

If you want to become a great medical professional – do not miss this for anything!

Attention all aspiring medical professionals in grade 10-12! 

Program Information:

Venue: 17 Fore street, New Redruth, Alberton 1449
Type: Day Students Only
Classification: Accredited Medical and Surgical Skills Program
Program Dates: Under negotiations
 Booking status: CLOSED 

Alternative program in Alberton: Register here
Closing date: February 2020
Eligibility: High School learners (South Africa and neighboring states) in Grade 10 to 12 and post matric.
Workshops offered in the 4 days:

  • Emergency medicine
  • Hand hygiene
  • Scrub for surgery
  • Heart sounds workshop
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Suture Wounds
  • Phlebotomy and IV-Skills
  • Airway management
  • Respiratory workshop
  • Basic surgical skills
  • Orthopedics
  • And more…

Important: Although not a prerequisite – it is highly recommended that students register for the Future Doctors Online Course in preparation of attending this event. Click Here for more information.

Students will receive an acceptance to the Future Doctors program email by 29 February.

All payment due: before or on 8 March 2020.

Kindly let me have more information about the Future Doctors Program!

Important: The selection of individual students is solely the judgement of the staff at the Sci-Bono Discovery Center. The decision regarding the selection or rejection of specific applicants is  final and NO discussion will be accepted/entertained in this regard.

Kindly note: As the Apprentice Doctor® – Future Doctors Programs are very popular and usually oversubscribed – we can only accept a limited number of attendees and regretfully even some great applications could very well be in the not-accepted category.

Any rudeness by parents (telephonic, email or any other mode of communication) towards any of the staff involved in the event will result in the child forfeiting their place in the program.

Successful candidates will receive a letter of acceptance per email – as per application form.

Comments : 9 thoughts on “The Gauteng Medical and Surgical Skills Program for Future Doctors — Program:  March 2020”

  1. Will the finalization of the dates etc. be posted on the website or in the newsletter? Do you still have spaces available?
    At the top of the page it says that bookings are closed.

    • Yes we will publish. CLOSED (NOT OPEN YET).
      We have to negotiate dates – it may or may not fall over a weekend.

    • We are still in negotiation with the Science Center. Lately their facilities have become very expensive – so we may divert to our facilities in Alberton South of Jhb. Dates to be finalized.

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