The Apprentice Doctor® Trauma & Nursing Manikin

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Full-body adult full functional trauma & nursing manikin


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Apprentice Doctor®


 Life size


Universities /Colleges /Med Schools/Hospitals/Simulation Labs etc.



Single package size: 

136X48X25 cm

Single gross weight: 25.0 kg

Country of Origin:

Made in China

Basic nursing manikin with various interchangeable anatomical parts

Product Features

Suitable for the following simulation training:

  1. General nursing tasks: Hair and face washing, sponge bathing, replacing clothes, repositioning/turning patient in bed etc.
  2. Eye and ear washing and administering eye/ear drops
  3. Oral cavity hygiene and care
  4. Endotracheal intubation
  5. Tracheotomy care
  6. Suctioning of oral secretions
  7. Ventilation (Inflatable lungs)
  8. Feeding with a nasal/oral feeding tube
  9. Gastro-lavage
  10. Ostomy care
  11. Phlebotomy and IV skills
  12. Intramuscular injections (Deltoid, Gluteus and Vastus lateralis)
  13. Subcutaneous injections
  14. Lumbar puncture
  15. Female urethral catheterization and bladder irrigation
  16. Male urethral catheterization and bladder irrigation
  17. Enema


Trauma evaluation and care of the trauma patient

A large variety of simulation injuries

Simulation training on the management of lacerations and how to care for a large number of wounds in the following parts of the body:

  1. Chest wall
  2. Abdominal wall
  3. Abdominal wound with small intestine evisceration
  4. Thigh and legs
  5. Shoulder and arms
  6. Infective ulcer care (leg)
  7. Upper arm amputation and wound care
  8. Below knee amputation and wound care
  9. Foot gangrene and various toe wound
  10. Facial wounds
  11. Various burn injuries (face/extremities) 1, 2, 3 degree
  12. Various fractures (Femur, tibia, clavicle, humerus and hand)
  13. Gunshot injury hand
  14. Amputation stump of upper arm
  15. Amputation stump of leg

The Apprentice Doctor® Full-Body Adult Nursing and Trauma Manikin is essential for the following training institutions:

  1. Medical and nursing training facilities
  2. Emergency medicine training facilities
  3. Healthcare training facilities
  4. Medical simulation labs
  5. Training institutions offering refresher courses to qualified medical/nursing professionals


  1. After training of nasal feeding, gastric lavage, enema, male and female urethral catheterization procedures, kindly empty all the residual liquid, used from the stomach / intestines / bladder.
  2. Rinse all used tubes/catheters with water and dry for use on a subsequent occasion.
  3. If in disuse for an extended period of time, the manikin should be wiped clean, covered and placed in cool and dry place, to extend its service life.

Note: When disassembling parts – please retain the nut/s. A number of spare parts are provided for replacement purposes.

Warranty: The products is guaranteed for a period of 12 months against any defects or problems due to faulty manufacturing – with the understanding that the products is used within reasonable limits (no abuse), and cared for as per above instructions.

Enjoy your manikin!

Apprentice Doctor® Team