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Once we have processed your payment, and sent you an invoice, then, and only then, does a contract exist between us. We have included this term to protect us in the highly unlikely event of:
the inadvertent under or over-pricing of goods, or should we no longer be able to supply a particular product for some reason.

In the case of a change of price, we will contact you first to ensure that the new price is acceptable. If not, you will be refunded for the price difference.
You will also be sent e-mail notices if your credit card was denied, or if there were any other transaction processing problems for which we would need to contact you.


The Apprentice Corporation pays a lot of attention to keeping sufficient numbers of items as advertised on the website in stock, however on rare occasion a specific item may be out of stock due to various reasons. If you order an item that is currently out of stock, we will notify you by e-mail and await your reply with the options of having the item placed on back-order or to request a refund.

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We at The Apprentice Corporation are confident that you will be satisfied with products you purchase from us in each and every way. If you are, however, for any reason dissatisfied with your choice, we will be happy to reimburse you (less postage and shipping charges) should you wish to return the complete product and packaging to us in an undamaged state within a reasonable time period not exceeding 30 days after delivery. You’ll find more detailed information on our refund policy page.

Important: Always include your order number when contacting us.

Refunds are not available for purchases outside of the USA and Canada. (PLEASE do not order from outside of the USA/Canada if you are unsure about your purchase!)

ALL orders placed on Amazon:
Amazon is responsible for shipping our products so you need to contact Amazon directly for all shipping related issues.
You can contact Amazon.com Customer Service through the Contact Us link found on any Amazon.com Help page: http://www.amazon.com/contact-us/
Here is their customer service phone number: 1-888-280-4331
They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Please be assured that Customer Service will address your concerns.


Your items will be insured during the shipping process, however upon delivery of the goods, the risk inherent in the goods is transferred to you (the customer/buyer). We accept no responsibility for misuse or incorrect use of the goods.


The Apprentice Corporation receives and ships orders nationally and internationally. Stocked items are usually mailed on the day following the placement of the order from the warehouse stocked with the relevant item/s in the closest proximity to your shipping address. Occasionally your ordered item may have to be mailed from another country – this may delay delivery time – due to extended mailing time as well as customs inspections in your counrty. Once mailed, you will receive an e-mail informing you that the item/s has/have been shipped together with a relevant tracking number. Kindly, contact us if you haven’t received your order within a reasonable period of 5-7 days (USA/Canada) and 14 – 21 days (outside of the USA/Canada).


Orders – for delivery to an address within the USA and Canada. The total price of a product as advertised on the TheApprenticeDoctor.com website is the “purchase price”, and is an all inclusive price – including the product/s, handling and mailing – unless specifically indicated to the contrary.

Orders – for delivery to an address outside of the USA and Canada. Kindly note that the most cases, shipping will leave the warehouse in the USA via USPS. Tracking is available up to the package moving out of USA borders. Clients should be able to track packages outside of the USA on their own countries’ postal services tracking facilities. Your package may be delayed at your customs office – where an additional customs duty may be added. This is payable on collection of the package. The Apprentice Corporation has NO control over neither any delay at your customs office nor over any customs duties added to your package.

The Apprentice Corporation at its discretion may refuse to ship packages to certain countries  – in which case a full and prompt refund for any purchase/s will apply.


In the unlikely event that your purchase was damaged in transit please contact us using our convenient contact us page on our website. Damage claims must be reported to us within 14 days of receipt of goods.


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All copyright in and to the contents of The Apprentice Doctor® CD–ROMs and web sites (including text, pictures, sketches, logos, animations, photographic material, video material, sound samples and graphic art) are the sole property of The Apprentice Corporation and all the rights of The Apprentice Corporation are reserved.

No part of The Apprentice Doctor® CD–ROMs and web sites may be reproduced for commercial purposes of any kind without the express, written consent of The Apprentice Corporation. Contact information for written consent may be requested at our contact us page. The contents of the The Apprentice Doctor® CD–ROMs and web sites may be distributed, however, on a limited, non-commercial basis, provided that any and all material copied includes the following:

  1. “Copyright © The Apprentice Corporation”
  2. A hyperlink pointing to www.TheApprenticeDoctor.com if used on the Internet or in an e-mail communication
  3. Permission must be requested from the webmaster of theapprenticedoctor.com (Contact us)

We appreciate your integrity in this regard.


Regarding the following Apprentice Doctor® / Future Doctors Academy Courses:

  • The Apprentice Doctor® Foundation Medical Course
  • The Apprentice Doctor® Suturing Course
  • The Apprentice Doctor® Sterility and Aseptic Technique Course
  • The Apprentice Doctor® Orthopedic Course
  • The Apprentice Doctor® Behavioral Sciences Course
  • The Apprentice Doctor® Admissions and Medical Ethics Course
  • Any other  Apprentice Doctor® Online Courses

Regarding ALL Apprentice Doctor® Online Course. Customers who buy the relevant Apprentice Doctor Kit are allowed to use the specific kit’s associated course material (e.g. Suturing Kit and Suture Course) unrestricted for own personal use. This allowance is also extended to small non-commercial academic study groups of no more that 8 students. All institutions presenting group training using one or more of the Apprentice Doctor® Training Kits may use the associated Apprentice Doctor Course material freely.

All the Apprentice Doctor® Courses are legally copyrighted and thus a formal licencing/usage agreement is required to use the Apprentice Doctor® Course material for:

  • Study groups of more than 8 students
  • All formal academic training applications (use of the course material for training students at universities, colleges, schools, academies or any other training facility of any kind).
  • All commercial training applications (any organization inducing nonprofits using the course material to present courses where the attendees pays a fee for attending the course).

Note: the above requirements does not apply to Apprentice Doctor® Kit-buying customers/institutions.

If unsure if a licence is required for using the course material please Contact Us

The Apprentice Corporation depends on your honesty and goodwill in this regard as we spend a lot of time, effort and financial resources to develop and compile these educational courses.  All breaches of these clear terms conditions of use/copyright and branding will be legally pursued to the full extent of the law.


The Apprentice Doctor® trademarks and trade dress may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not The Apprentice Doctor®, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits The Apprentice Doctor®. All other trademarks not owned by The Apprentice Doctor® or its subsidiaries that appear on this site are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by The Apprentice Doctor® or its subsidiaries.


When you visit The Apprentice Doctor® and make use of any of our web-based functionality such as the contact page, or send e-mails to us, you are communicating with us electronically.
You thus consent to receive relevant communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices on this site. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. All e-mail communications received from The Apprentice Corporation will be sent on an “opt in/opt out” basis.


You indemnify and hold harmless The Apprentice Corporation from and against all loss, damage, cost, expense and claim which may be suffered or incurred by you as a result of or in connection with your use of this website and our courses, services and/or kits.


Whilst every effort has been made by The Apprentice Corporation, and its suppliers of information, to ensure the proper performance of this website, the accuracy of the information/images and the reliability of the binary data on this website, The Apprentice Corporation, its affiliated companies, suppliers, or any of their employees, do not guarantee the availability of services, content and information offered on this website (“the Services”) or the accuracy of the information and/or images on this website. We make no representations or warranties, whether express or implied, and assume no liability or responsibility for the proper performance of this website and/or the Services and/or the information and/or images contained on this website, and the Services are thus used at your own risk. In particular, we make no warranty that our Services will meet your requirements, be uninterrupted, complete, timely, and secure or error free.

Important note:

Most of the Future Doctors Academy Courses are free!

There is no fee payable to complete the majority of the Future Doctors Academy’s Online Courses.


  1. It depends on the student passing the assessment module (the required pass mark is 75%)
  2. The payment of a small fee ($29) for covering accreditation and admin costs associated with issuing the certificate.

The Future Doctors Academy (trade name The Apprentice Doctor®) is a member of IELA (International E-Learning Association, Inc.)

More information- see accreditation info at “About Us.”


1. The Future Doctors Foundation course or any of the other Apprentice Doctor® Courses ‘per se’ do not qualify one as any type of doctor or medical professional – the course/s is/are intended to assist future medical professionals in becoming competitive university / medical school / medical professional school applicants or to gain specific medical/surgical skills.

2. The various Apprentice Doctor® Skills courses will teach the absolute majority of students the relevant skills e.g. suturing, IV-Skills, Phlebotomy skills, etc. No guarantees are offered regarding any course’s ability to transfer the relevant skills to specific individual students.

3. The Apprentice Corporation does not accept any responsibility for any complications, consequences or mishaps of any kind whatsoever when students apply their knowledge gained in any of the courses.

4. The medical/dental/vet/nursing/paramedic or equivalent medical professional school mentors’ and teachers’ guidelines, teachings, mentoring and information offered to students – always take first preference and dominance over any information contained in any of the Apprentice Doctor/Future Doctors Courses.

Regarding the Future Doctors Academy Online Course/s:

  1. Although there are indications* that the Future Doctors Course/s add value to the average medical school portfolio – the Apprentice Doctor®/Future Doctors Academy does NOT offer any guarantees of acceptance into any medical school.
  2. The Future Doctors Academy does not have any specific associations, affiliations or special arrangements with any specific medical school.
  3. It is the specific medical school’s prerogative whether they would allocate any weight/significance to any of the Future Doctors Academy Courses (if any). It is also their decision and in which category they would apply the Apprentice Doctor® certified credit hours (if in any).
  4. The Future Doctors Academy (trade name The Apprentice Doctor®) is a member of IELA (the International E-Learning Association, Inc.)

*Based on feedback from students who were accepted to study at academic institutions in a variety of healthcare/medical careers.


The Apprentice Corporation respects international laws and treaties regarding Information, Information Technology, Electronic Communication and Electronic Media. In reality, it is impossible to be aware of all the laws of every single country in the world, so in the final analysis – should any legal dispute arise between any person/legal entity and The Apprentice Corporation regarding any matter, all legalities will be governed by the laws in the State of New York, USA, Canada, Australia, the UK (Europe) and the Republic of South Africa (Africa).

The above-stated notices, terms, and conditions are subject to change in the sole and absolute discretion of The Apprentice Corporation.