Professor Chishimba Nathan Mowa – Short Résumé

Professor Chishimba Nathan Mowa is a seasoned research-orientated high-level academic with a long list of publications, abstracts, and presentations at conferences nationally and internationally.

His particular interest is Moringa – a plant with incredible nutritional benefits, numerous interesting physiological actions, pharmacological effects on the cellular and tissue level, and various holistic health benefits. Occasionally, he somewhat humorously refers to himself as the Moringa evangelist!

Besides his academic interests, he has a heart for aspiring medical professionals – promoting and assisting them in reaching their goals and dreams, as many of his alumni students who are now qualified physicians and surgeons will confirm.

He currently serves as the Chancellor of the Apprentice Academy,* an academic institution focused on various educational aspects and training needs of aspiring medical professionals in the USA and abroad.


Professor Mowa has had the opportunity to serve in different positions in government, the private sector, and academia in Zambia and the USA (Academia). He has a strong passion for mentoring future doctors and scientists, both high school and college students, by establishing local and international mentoring programs. These include the student exchange and study abroad program, placement of Biology students at the premier US health research agency, mentoring of pre-health high school students through the AppalSEED, Future Doctors and Scientists, and is in the process of helping Kettering Health mission develop a mentoring program for less privileged high school students in Dayton, Ohio.

The Dean of Health Sciences at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) asked Dr. Mowa to develop a USA exchange program in health leadership development for the UJ faculty and students. Through this program, more than 44 UJ students and four professors were exposed to premier health, research, and political institutions in the US, including touring the US Capitol Hill, the NIH, the Wake Forest University Regenerative Institute, the North Carolina Research Campus (David Murdock Research Institute), Appalachian State University, Carolina Health Hospitals and had meetings, one-on-one with prominent American leadership, including congressmen and -women, NIH scientists, and the US Surgeon General.

Education and training

Chishimba Mowa got his bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine at the University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia, and worked as a Provincial Veterinary Officer in Zambia and as a wildlife vet at Chaminuka Game Ranch before joining the UNZA Veterinary School as a Staff Development Fellow for Veterinary Anatomy. He then did his master’s in veterinary medicine (Anatomy) at the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, and his Ph.D. at Hokkaido University Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Sapporo, Japan, in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy (1996-2001).

His thesis was on “Cellular distribution of Estrogen receptor alpha and beta mRNA in the male and female reproductive organs of the rat.” He then did his postdoctoral program at Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine (NEOUCOM) in Rootstown, Ohio, USA.


Dr. Mowa was thereafter appointed as Assistant Professor of Biology at Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, and rose to full Professor at the same university. Appalachian State University is a member of the University of North Carolina. In 2021, he moved to Kettering College. Chishimba believes in shared visions and enjoys problem-solving and initiating programs that impact communities. He has provided key leadership in initiating several projects, including:

1) Successfully establishing a productive research program, securing external funding, and mentoring several students (high school, undergraduate, and graduate students)

2) Initiating and developing research programs with great success – including:

  1. a) Personal – see some of his publications on PubMed: Click here
  2. b) Research visions and blueprints for Levy Mwanawasa Medical University and Kettering College,
  3. c) Fostering international research partnership between LMMU and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center,
  4. d) Initiated and fostered Moringa programs. Because of the tremendous potential benefits of Moringa for Africa, and Zambia in particular, Chishimba has taken a keen interest in spearheading the development of various inter-related Moringa initiatives aimed at benefiting our community (See his publications on Google Scholar: – see publications on Moringa: Click here
  5. e) Professor Mowa is currently working with his fellow Zambians to develop a program that is expected to mobilize Zambian diasporas in health for engagement in medical education, research, and clinical practice through a digital platform to mitigate current shortages in instructors and clinicians at LMMU.

Most recently, he served as an Associate Dean of Research and Scholarship at Kettering College, Dayton, Ohio, USA, and Professor of Physiology, Anatomy, and Endocrinology in the Department of Human Biology at Kettering College. He is also currently an honorary Professor of Physiology at Levy Mwanawasa Medical University, Lusaka, Zambia.


Chishimba was born and raised in Zambia and is married to his college sweetheart, Ennie Hamoya-Mowa. Together, they have had three (adult) children: Nonde, Shoma, and their late son, Mowa.

(Comprehensive résumé Professor CN Mowa available on request).

*The Apprentice Academy is an initiative of the Apprentice Corporation and functions under the trademark “The Apprentice Doctor®.”