The Apprentice Doctor® ER Training Sim Pad

Prepare to enter the Emergency Room as a Medical Professional Student

The Apprentice Doctor® Emergency Room Simulation Pad is a unique type of simulation skin that offers students several realistic wound patterns like:

Straight-plain and straight-ragged, Wavy and Zig-zag, and V/Y-shaped lacerations – and the opportunity to design and create lacerations. These basic wound patterns cover about 95% of the type of wounds/lacerations confronting the average ER physician in the Emergency Room.

The Apprentice Doctor® ER-Sim-pad’s three-layered skin behaves a lot more like real human or animal skin – compared to the popular silicone skin pads supplied as part of most suturing kits currently on the market.

The Apprentice Doctor® Sim-skin Pad has double sided tape on the reverse side – stick your simulation skin pad on a smooth surface table or work bench.

Practice the most common lacerations that you will find in the Emergency Room:

Wound Suturing Gallery

Interrupted Sutures  – at pre-marked lines

Interrupted Sutures  – anchoring landmarks

Horizontal mattress

Placing vertical mattress

Continuous (running) suture 

Continuous interlocking suture (last loop)

Make your own laceration

E.g., a straight line for subcuticular suturing

Place a subcuticular suture

V/Y-shaped laceration

Near-far far-near suture

The The Apprentice Doctor® Emergency Room Simulation Pad should be used in conjunction with a good quality suture kit.

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To use The Apprentice Doctor® Emergency Room Sim Pad Students will need suturing instruments and items.

The Apprentice Doctor® offers a choice of two other amazing suture training kits:

  • The Apprentice Doctor® Standard Suture Kit

Suture kit

  • The Apprentice Doctor® Deluxe Suture Kit

suturing kit

Enjoy your Apprentice Doctor® Emergency Room Simulation Pad!

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Dr. Anton Scheepers and the Apprentice Doctor Team