The Apprentice Doctor® Deluxe Suturing Kit

Designed for those students who won’t settle for second best.

The Apprentice Doctor® Deluxe Suturing Kit

The Apprentice Doctor® Deluxe Suturing Kit is the ultimate resource in acquiring basic to advanced surgical knot tying and suturing skills.

Points of differentiation are:

  • The high quality suturing instruments are covered by a resilient but also attractive covering.
  • A basic silicone – mesh skin pad enables the students to practice basic suturing skills and knot tying techniques (linear, zigzag and, wavy patterns allow the student to master of the 3 basic wound laceration patterns).
  • An advanced skin pad – produced from years of research – is a skin like no other. It is the closest to real skin you will find on the market – this simulation skin just don’t bleed when one cuts it! One can practice various advanced suturing techniques – including flaps and z-plasty. No silicone skin pad even cones close!
  • All the instruments and items to suture for hours and hours – perfecting your suturing skills – according to the acclaimed surgical knot tying and suturing techniques course by Dr. Anton Scheepers – a MFOS Surgeon with decades of experience in clinical suturing as well as teaching suturing workshops to students.

Enter The Future Doctors Surgical Knot tying and Suturing Training Course:

Flip-book Format – HERE

Or (same course material)

Interactive Online Course – HERE

(Quizzes and assessment module included for certification)

Enjoy the course! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance!