The Apprentice Doctor® Control Bleeding Course

An in-depth understanding of bleeding and how to control bleeding in the emergency setting, as well as in a controlled medical environment



The Apprentice Doctor® Control Bleeding Course is a certified course developed by Dr. Anton Scheepers for the Apprentice Corporation. The Apprentice Corporation is a member of IELA (The International E-Learning Association)

The Apprentice Doctor® Control Bleeding CourseThe Apprentice Doctor® Control Bleeding Kit

The Apprentice Doctor® Control Bleeding Kit:

  • Stop the bleed arm
    • Basic upper arm model
  • Instruments/Reusable Items
    • Hemostatic forceps (curved)
    • Hemostatic forceps (straight)
    • Sphygmomanometer (only in selected kit models)
    • CAT Tourniquet
  • Refill pack:
    • Linen savers
    • Plastic aprons
    • Nitrile gloves
    • Gauze squares
    • Ribbon gauze(mutton cloth)
    • Crepe/ pressure bandage
    • Fluid-bag⁴ (empty)
    • Fluid administration line
    • Syringe
    • Stitch cutter
    • Balloon
    • Marker pen
    • Tie suture

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Un-boxing the STB Kit video

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The Apprentice Doctor® Control Bleeding Course

Ms. Donna Burton – your STB mentor

The Apprentice Doctor® Control Bleeding Course

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