Simulate a real environment and practice the techniques using actual medical instruments and items

Some of the Practical Projects in the “Scrub for Surgery” Course for Which the Kit Is Recommended

– How to Don (Put On) Clean Gloves

– How to Safely Doff (Remove) Used Gloves

– How to Change into Operating Room Attire

– Gown for Surgery

– Don Sterile Gloves – Open Method

– Don Sterile Gloves – Closed Method

– Don Sterile Gloves –Plunge Method

– Doffing Surgical PPE

You will be able to complete the balance of the practical projects using commonly-found household items.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in the Sterility and Asepsis Kit

Because you can practice what you learn while you learn.
The medical profession is practical. You can read about how to ride a bike but you won’t be able to ride a bike until you start physically practicing. It’s the same with healthcare. Reading about suturing techniques has limited value if you don’t practice, make mistakes in a simulated setting, learn from that and correct yourself, and repeat until you’ve mastered the skills.
Because you will master today the instruments you’ll soon be using every day.
Getting acquainted with the tools of your future trade is not only incredible fun, it’s also highly beneficial and recommended.
Because when it comes to reaching your dream and fulfilling your calling you have a one-track mind and you’re not playing games.
That is the mindset you will need to make it on the highly competitive road of pursuing a career in healthcare.

You will be helping us to keep the Future Doctors Academy affordable!


To order a kit for yourself

1 Kit Serves 1 – 2 Participants
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