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The Reflex-Safe Needles are:

  • Relatively safe before use – while virtually no risk of cross-infection
  • Perfectly safe during use – safety mechanism activates automatically if patient jerks away
  • Automatically safe after use – and reduces the chances of needle stick injuries to an absolute minimum
  • Easy to use – no extensive training necessary ( just read brochure or view the video and you can start using these needles)
  • Virtually malfunction-proof
  • No activation step required – as the case with most other safety needles
  • Versatile – use these innovative needles for sub-cut, IM-inj’s, Phlebotomy etc.
  • Extremely cost effective

Not all safety needles are the same!

“Passive protection is a newly emerging elemental engineering control that can eliminate exposure risk throughout the continuum of use — before, during, and after use of a sharp. It should involve no button pressing, no lever pushing, no needle shearing, no post clinical procedural activation, no “self” anything – the technological movement will involve the simple engineering of a smart device that activates itself during the course of normal clinical use…”  AMBER HOGAN MITCHELL – MPH, DrPH

Senior industrial hygienist at the U.S. Department of Labor OSHA (specializing in national regulatory enforcement issues) OSHA National Bloodborne Pathogens Coordinator.

How it works:

Instructions for use:

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Training video – Instructions for Use for medical and healthcare professionals:

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