For Future Doctors Academy Q’s & A’S


What is the Future Doctors Academy?

The Future Doctors® Academy is an online academic institution dedicated to assist future doctors in reaching their goals and to gain various medical and surgical skills. The various skills are transferred by suitable practical kits – where students can practice the skills taught in the relevant courses. For instance – if a student is interested in learning how to suture wounds – the student will register online to do the Suturing Course. Our Apprentice Doctor Suturing Kit will be shipped to this student and he/she will be able to learn how to suture wounds at home – or wherever they are.

How will the Apprentice Doctor® Foundation course help me?

The Apprentice Doctor® Foundation course will teach aspiring medical professionals an array of basic medical and surgical skills – laying an indelible foundation to further medical studies. (Click Here to see a list of the Practical project in the course).

Do medical schools accept the Future Doctor Foundation Certificate?

Most Medial schools’ selection committees use these criteria in the selection process:

  • Academic results – excellence is the name of the game!
  • MCAT or equivalent admissions test (vary from country to coutry).
  • A portfolio of extracurricular activities that may include:
    • Shadowing qualified medical professionals
    • Hospital volunteering
    • Extracurricular courses and activities
    • Leadership
    • Balance (cultural activities, sport, art, music etc.)
  • The Application letter
  • The medical school interview

The Apprentice Doctor® Foundation course is a significant addition to your extracurricular portfolio – and is an especially significant aid to students who do not have unlimited opportunities to get involved in e.g. hospital volunteering.

How do I study medical skills without having access to suitable patients?

Students will be able to perform the majority of examinations as self-examinations – or by asking a family member to pose as a test-subject. Specific guidelines are offered in course.

How long do I get to complete the course?

Normally 90 days – in exceptional circumstances we will extend this period with  another 90 days as per a  formal request in this regard.

What do I do when I have completed my Foundation Course studies?

Contact us and request your Assessment Module – but no sooner than 6 weeks after registering for the course as The Future Doctors Academy has to certify 75 hours of studies/training.

What is the minimum pass mark?

The minimum pass mark is 75%. The Future Doctors Examiners’ mark allocated is final and not subject to discussion.

Can I take the course for a second time if I fail?

Generally we do  not recommend a second try. In rare instances we will consider a re-assessment chance. Possibly your interest in medicine is not what it should be. Re-think your choice – and possibly consider an alternative career path.


Contact us if you have any further questions!

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