Conference for Aspiring Medical Professionals: Alberton, Gauteng

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Earn 32 extra-curricular medical training hours to add to your portfolio.

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Attention all aspiring medical professionals in grade 10-12, and post matric!

Program Information:

Venue: Future Doctors Academy, 17 Fore Street, New Redruth, Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa 1449

Type: Day Students Only (Close-by accommodation available)

Classification: Accredited Medical and Surgical Skills Program

Dates: Friday 1 – 4 October 2021 (Five days of intensive medical training)

Booking status: CLOSED

Registrations close: 1 September 2021 (end of business – 17.00)

Eligibility: High School students in Grade 10 to 12 and post-matric aspiring medical professionals (South Africa and neighboring states)

Program fee: R5495 (payable on receiving ‘acceptance to program’ notification, and no later than 14 September 2021)

The fee includes the following: 

  1. Tuition (Apprentice Doctor® Future Doctors Foundation Course): Four days of packed medical tuition, various of medical and surgical workshops.
  2. The For Future Doctors Course and Medical Kit as well as other medical items.
  3. The use of our Apprentice Doctor® Medical Simulation Lab, mannequins as well as other professional medical instruments and items.
  4. The Future Doctors Academy (FDA) Resuscitation Workshop. Save lives after cardiac, or respiratory arrest or choking.
  5. Meals: Lunch, tea coffee and snacks are included. Breakfast is NOT included.

Note: students who have their own Future Doctors Kits qualify for a R300 discount.

Accommodation: This is a day-program. Accommodation is not included. We can recommend close-by B&B’s on request

The Apprentice Doctor® Presents the Ultimate, Accredited Premedical Programs/Workshops.

Queries: Email – [email protected] Tel: +27 (0) 64-993-4326 (Mornings – 8.30 to 12.00 noon please).

Do Not Miss This for Anything!

The program will be at the Head Office of the Future Doctors Academy in Alberton, Gauteng South Africa!

Attendees of previous Programs having a great time!


Hands-on workshops offered in the 4 1/2 days:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Donning and doffing gloves
  • Scrub for surgery
  • Heart sounds workshop
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Suture Wounds
  • Phlebotomy and IV-Skills
  • Basic surgical skills
  • Orthopedic workshop
    • Fractured long bone – closed reduction
    • Fractured long bone – open reduction and internal fixation
  • The Future Doctors Academy Resuscitation Workshop – adults, toddler and babies.
  • And more…

This is simply a ‘must’ for ALL aspiring medical professionals and healthcare providers!

The Program Schedule (minor changes possible)


(These programs are usually oversubscribed – thus register without delay!)

Please ONLY register if you are serious about becoming a medical professional! Successful students will receive an acceptance to the Alberton Future Doctors Program – per email soon after closing date of 1 September 2021.

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South Africa – Johannesburg and Pretoria: several program yearly since 2010 – to present

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USA – Tampa FL: The BE.S.T. Academy Future Doctors Program 2019, 2020, 2021

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Australia – Perth WA: The Scitech Future Doctors Program (2017 and 2018)

Terms and conditions:

Important: The selection of individual students is solely the judgement of the Apprentice Doctor® or person/s appointed by the Apprentice Doctor® for the purpose of selecting applicants. The decision regarding the selection or rejection of specific applicants is final and NO discussion will be accepted/entertained in this regard.

As the Apprentice Doctor® – Future Doctors Programs are very popular and oversubscribed – we simply accept a limited number of applications and regretfully even some great applications could very well be in the not-accepted category.

The Apprentice Doctor® Program Certificate can be added to your university/Medical School Portfolio. The Apprentice Doctor® do not guarantee acceptance to any medical program/school – as this is solely the discretion of the selection committees of the various academic institutions.

Cancellations: Cancellations 4 weeks before program date: full refund less the registration fee of R500. Cancellations 2 weeks before program date: 50% refund and cancellations less than 2 weeks before starting date of program: NO REFUND (judgement of the organizers will apply in cases of serious illness and death in the family).

Common Questions and Answers:

I am in Grade 10, and I want to study medicine – but I am unsure. Will this program help me to make a final decision? From our experience a define “yes.” After attending one of our programs most students are super enthused – but a few realize that they would rather follow an alternative career. Both groups are better off at the end of the program.

Will this open the doors to medical school for me? There are a lot of requirements needed for successfully applying to medical schools – like good academic grades, good SAT/ACT/NBT results, etc. Adding the Future Doctors Academy Course Certificate to your resume will add value (32 credit hours of extracurricular activities). Kindly note: the Apprentice Corporation does not have any special arrangements with any specific individual medical schools, and we under no circumstances can guarantee (or imply) that this course certificate will ensure success regarding an individual’s application to attend any educational institution’s program.

Due to covid19 I haven’t been able to shadow medical professionals – will this count as shadowing hours? Yes, the majority of medical schools will consider alternative clinical experiences like:

  • Simulation medical and surgical skills courses: complete as many medical and surgical simulation courses as possible, for instance: American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support (BLS), Stop the Bleed (STB), First Aid (various levels), and as many of the Future Doctors Courses (Suturing, Phlebotomy, Basic Surgical Skills, Aseptic Technique, etc.)
  • Alternative clinical experiences, e.g., Hospice volunteer. Assist a Hospice as a volunteer and learn how to deal with the realities of death.
  • Caretaker. A caretaker assists families with very sick family members with day to day needs.

Note: It is the student’s/parent’s responsibility to check with the relevant academic institution regarding their policy regarding shadowing during the covid19 pandemic.

Are you a university? No, the Apprentice Corporation with the brand name the Apprentice Doctor® is a private institution and not associated with any mainstream medical school or medical program. One cannot study to be any registered medical professional with any of the Apprentice Doctor® courses.

I failed grade 12 / matric – can I do your course? Can I become a doctor? If you redo your grade 12, and get high marks for maths and all the science subjects (physical science, chemistry and biological sciences as well as English) you may stand a chance of applying to medical school (presuming you have further evidence like job shadowing at a hospital for instance) in place. If you do not stand academically strong your application to medical school is likely to fail!

Is this a free program? No, unfortunately not – the course fee is a prerequisite of attending the course. It is mostly used to cover direct program costs.

Do you have a job for me? No, your local Department of Labor may be able to assist you in getting employment.


  • This program does NOT qualify one as any type of medical professional. Attendees at the end of the program may not practice or sell their skills to any other person.
  • This program is NOT a guarantee of acceptance to any medical or medical professional school. The Apprentice Corporation has no special arrangement with any medical or medical professional school.
  • Successful students will get an accredited Attendance Certificate for 32 medical training credit hours, and are welcome to add this certificate to any career application. It is the individual school’s prerogative on how much weight they will attach to the certificate (if any).
  • The selection process takes many variables into consideration and is a closed process. There will be no discussion regarding individual student’s merits and the decision of the selection staff is final.
  • This is a goodwill program. An effective way to exclude your child from the program is by being rude to Dr. Scheepers or any of the Apprentice Doctor staff in any form of communication. It is unfortunate that we have to include this point – as 99,5% of parents are magnificent people.