Virtual Suturing Skills Workshops – 2022

Suturing in essence is a mentored skill. Would you like to attend a mentoring Surgical Knot tying and Suturing Workshop on a virtual platform?

The mentoring demonstrated in the video above will be covered during this Suturing Workshop

Dr. Anton Scheepers and Dr. Amanda Laubscher assisting students during a suturing workshop, in Perth Australia

Attend the Highly Recommended Future Doctors Academy Virtual Surgical Knot tying and Suturing Workshop by Veteran Surgeon – Dr. Anton Scheepers!

This popular virtual workshop presented by Dr. Anton Scheepers is arranged once a month. Book now – limited space – no more than 20 attendees.
The Surgical Knot Tying and Suturing Workshop is a free service to all Apprentice Doctor® Suturing Kit owners.

The next Surgical Knot tying and Suturing workshop is on 29 July, 2022

Time: 8.05 EST

Take advantage of this incredibly generous offer!

Register here:

For all Apprentice Doctor® Suture Kit owners, we offer this popular workshop for at no cost (its free)!


  • The Suturing Workshop is mainly intended for groups – as small as five students and up to 300 students as the maximum number.
  •  To complete the certified workshop, all attendees will need an Apprentice Doctor® (or equivalent) Suturing Kit.
  • A minimum attendee number of ten students per workshop apply. Individual students may register – but kindly note that if numbers are insufficient – the workshop will stand over to the next month.

If you do not have a good quality Suturing Skills Training kit – order here:



Requirements: Your Apprentice Suture Kit, Internet connection (large screen preferable rather than a mobile phone screen).

In addition to registering for the workshop (above) – students need to register as a students on the Future Doctors Academy to complete the Surgical Knot tying and Suturing Course (below) – at the end of the course students will be assessed, and successful students will receive a Suturing Skills Certificate.

Register here: Suture Course to complete the Future Doctors Academy Certified Surgical Knot tying and Suturing Course.

Please note: You have to register for both the Suturing Workshop (to attend the virtual suturing workshop) AND the Future Doctors Academy’s Suturing Course (for completing the Future Doctors Academy’s Suturing course, doing your assessment and receiving your certificate). Both are free of charge to Apprentice Doctor® Suture Kit owners!

Dr. Anton Scheepers and one of his students during a virtual suturing workshop

Kindly review the theory before the workshop date – 
Zoom meeting details will be forwarded 2-3 days before the workshop.
Looking forward!

Dr. Anton Scheepers

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