The Future Doctors Academy Sterility and Aseptic Technique Course and Scrub for Surgery Kit

Safety in a hospital setting is of utmost importance! The current statistics show that a patient has about a 1 in 10 chance of acquiring a hospital-acquired infection after admission. This is of immense concern to especially the surgical patient who may be compromised or even die from a surgical site infection.

Photos from our Sterility and Aseptic Technique Workshop – the 2018 Apprentice Doctor® SciTech program in Perth, Australia 

Sterility is a non-compromise word, and a good Sterility and Aseptic Technique Course and Kit has been a void in the armamentarium of training staff at the medical, medical professional, and healthcare training institutions. The Apprentice Doctor® Sterility and Aseptic Technique Course and the associated Scrub for surgery kit fill a significant void.



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Students will be able to do the following practical projects:

Project 1A: Hand Hygiene – Soap and Water
Project 1B: Hand Hygiene – Alcohol rub
Project1C: How to Don (Put On) Clean Gloves
Project 1D: How to Safely Remove Used Gloves
Project 2: How to Change into Operating Room Attire
Project 3A: Prepare Hands for Surgery – Soap and Water
Project 3B: Prepare Hands for Surgery – Alcohol Rub
Project 3C: Gown for Surgery
Project 3D: Don Sterile Gloves – Open Method
Project 3E: Don Sterile Gloves – Closed Method
Project 3F: Don Sterile Gloves –Plunge Method
Project 5: Palpate the Lymph Nodes

Not included in the kit – but highly recommended additional project:

Project 01: Grow Bacteria (Add-on / Optional)
Project 02: Demonstrate Bacteria on Hands with Glow-Gel (Add-on / Optional)

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   Sterility and Aseptic


  Techniques Workshop!

Setting up sterile instruments and an orthopedic surgical procedure

Our upgraded kits has simulation surgical gown packed in “sterile” drapes. The gown has cuffs and a sterile hand-over tag for tying the gown at the back without compromising sterility.

Saving lives is more about performing important routines (like hand hygiene) without exception and to perfection – rather than major surgical procedures (for instance).

The Apprentice Corporation trusts that you will have a great time learning and gaining critical medical and surgical skills.

Dr. Anton Scheepers and the Apprentice Doctor Team.