Medical Program for Future Doctors | Pretoria, Gauteng

27 September – 30 September, 2019  

If you want to become a great medical professional – do not miss this for anything!

Attention all aspiring medical professionals in grades 10-12 (and post grade 12)!

Program Information:

Venue: Waverley Medical Training Centre

799 Spioenkop Steet, Waverley, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa 0186

Type: Day Students Only (Close-by accommodation available)

Classification: Accredited Medical and Surgical Skills Program

Dates: 27 September – 30 September 2019 (daily 8.00 – 16.30)

Registrations status: OPEN

Registrations close: 1 September 2019

Eligibility: High School students (South Africa and neighboring states) in Grade 10 to 12 (and post-matric students)

Program Fee: R4950 (payable on receiving ‘acceptance to program’ notification, and no later than 18 September 2019)

The fee includes the following: 

  1. Tuition (Apprentice Doctor® Future Doctors Foundation Course): Four days of packed medical tuition, various of medical and surgical workshops.
  2. The For Future Doctors Course and Medical Kit as well as other medical items (valued at R1200).
  3. The use of our Apprentice Doctor® Medical Simulation Lab, mannequins as well as other professional medical instruments and items.
  4. The AHA-BLS Workshop. The AHA/BLS (American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support) Certified Course/Workshop by AHA accredited instructors (valued at R1300).
  5. Meals: Lunch, tea coffee and snacks are included. Breakfast is NOT included.

Note: students who have their own Future Doctors Kits qualify for a R300 discount and students who has a valid AHA-BLS certificate (valid for 2 years) will qualify for a R1000 discount, and may leave the program after lunch on the last program day (just before the AHA-BLS Workshop).

Accommodation: This is a day-program. Accommodation not included. We can recommend close-by B&B’s on request

The Apprentice Doctor® Presents the Ultimate, Accredited Premedical Programs/Workshops.

Do Not Miss This for Anything!

Students will do the internationally recognized American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support, Certified Course (AHA-BLS) as part of the Apprentice Doctor Program

BLS1   BLS1    BLS5   BLS3   BLS4   BLS6

Basic Life Support – adults, toddler and babies – certification valid for 2 full years. This is simply a ‘must’ for ALL aspiring and practicing medical professionals and healthcare providers!

The program will be at the Future Doctors Academy in Pretoria, campus!

Attendees of previous Programs having a great time!

Hands-on workshops offered in the 4 days:

  • Emergency medicine
  • Hand hygiene
  • Donning and doffing gloves
  • Scrub for surgery
  • Heart sounds workshop
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Suture Wounds
  • Phlebotomy and IV-Skills
  • Basic surgical skills
  • Orthopedic workshop
    • Fractured long bone – closed reduction
    • Fractured long bone – open reduction and internal fixation
  • And more…


Important: Although not a prerequisite – it is highly recommended that students register for the Future Doctors Online Course in preparation of attending this popular and esteemed course for Future Doctors/Medical Professionals: Click Here for more information. Students who have completed this course will be given preference on selection for this program.

Students will receive an acceptance to the Pretoria Future Doctors Program – per email on/soon after 1 September 2019.

Kindly let me have more information about the Alberton Future Doctors Program!

Other International Apprentice Doctor® or associated programs:

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USA – Tampa FL: The BE.S.T. Academy Future Doctors Program 2019

USA – Boone NC: The Appalachian State University Program 2019

Australia – Perth WA: The Scitech Future Doctors Program (2017 and 2018)

Terms and conditions:

Important: The selection of individual students is solely the judgement of the Apprentice Doctor® or person/s appointed by the Apprentice Doctor® for the purpose of selecting applicants. The decision regarding the selection or rejection of specific applicants is final and NO discussion will be accepted/entertained in this regard.

As the Apprentice Doctor® – Future Doctors Programs are very popular and oversubscribed – we simply accept a limited number of applications and regretfully even some great applications could very well be in the not-accepted category.

Payment due date: On or before 8 September 2019 (by the end of day). Bank information will be supplied to successful candidates per email.

Cancellations: Cancellations before 8 September full refund less an administration fee of R500. Cancellations after 15 September : 50% refund and cancellations after 22 September 2019 – NO REFUND (judgement of the organizers will apply in cases of serious illness and death in the family).

Credit: Credit facilities are strictly controlled by South African financial laws. The Apprentice Doctor® is not a registered financial services provider and are thus legally not permitted to offer credit facilities.


  • This program does NOT qualify one as any type of medical professional. Attendees at the end of the program may not practice or sell their skills to any other person.
  • This program is NOT a guarantee of acceptance to any medical or medical professional school. The Apprentice Corporation has no special arrangement with any medical or medical professional school.
  • Successful students will get an accredited Attendance Certificate for 32 medical training credit hours, and are welcome to add this certificate to any career application. It is the individual school’s prerogative on how much weight they will attache to the certificate (if any).

Successful candidates will receive a letter of acceptance per email – as per application form.

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  1. Hello my name is Sanele and I’m interest on attending this medical program as I’ve applied for medicine at Wits and my question is: I’ve noticed something about this medical program that it going to start in Johannesburg next month on August and the next program will be in Pretoria On September, so are you going to have another program in Durban as Gauteng is very far from where I live?

    • Hello my name is don campbell…i flew in Navy 24 years and have been on disability retirement since 2014…i was DOD from 2001 to 2014 after the Navy and continued flying in the navy as a civilian…getting kind of bored with retirement and i will be 64 in September and thinking about being a doctor…i am 100% service connected disability and also the VA deemed me individually unemployable and my disabilities are are total and complete…i have chronic back pain…depression…anxiety…ptsd…very severe…i am thinking about becoming a neurologist since I have experience in this area…about a year ago I adopted a 5 year old female pitbull name Eevee …Eevee was horribly abused and used as a bate dog in dog fighting…i live in Hawaii and non-aggressive females are used to get the males fighting…just like in bars across the united States on friday/Saturday nights with humans…those assholes pulled Eevee’s upper / lower Dracula teeth so she couldn’t defend herself…probably with a pair of pliers…the female pitbulls are usually torn a part by the males…iwanted a dog nobody wanted so Eevee and me have a lot in common…i want to become brain transplant doctor…pioneering in experimental transplanting the brains of the asholes who conduct pitbull dog fighting into the poor dogs who have been torn apart…successful transplants are irrelevant just the momentary relization of where their brains are…no anesthesia is required and only a pair of pliers, hammer and chisel…actually just a pair of pliers…my question is in 2001 I applied to law school…one of my letters i said that I have watched many episodes of law n order…the rejection letter recommended I need to watch many more episodes…in my medical school letter should I mention I have watched every episode of House or do U recommend another TV show…of course i am joking…i was actually researching why Phds are called Dr when I ran across Ur blog…if U cannot prescribe medication then Ur not a Dr in my book and if a person wants to be recognized as Dr then go to medical school…i have great respect for MDs…by the way everything about Eevee is true…horribly abused…pitbulls get a bad rap and are the most sweetest loving dogs i have known…it is how there are raised…almost every nite I had horrible nitemares…i have woke the neighbors at nite screaming so loud…since I have Eevee…no nitemares but Eevee has terrible nitemares…dog spelled backwards is god…Veterans need good doctors…the VA is terrible…please help us…Aloha!

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