The Apprentice Doctor® Simulation Circumcision Training Kit

The Apprentice Doctor® Simulation Circumcision Training Kit

Thank you for choosing the Apprentice Doctor® Simulation Circumcision Training Kit

It is important that you study the following training videos first – before using your kit:

Simulation training video:


Clinical video:


This Kit is ideal for classroom/sim lab simulation training

  • Replace the baby bottle caps/teats after multiple uses.
  • Replace foreskin with latex-glove fingers – cut to appropriate length.

Enjoy the Kit!

Apprentice Doctor® Team

Content of Kit:

  Item/Instrument Quantity
1. Artery forceps (curved) 2
2. Artery forceps (straight) 1
3. Adson’s forceps (toothed) 1
4. Adson’s forceps (flat) 1
5. Needle holder (Mayo-Hegar) 1
6. Scissors (blunt-sharp) 1
7. Mogen clamp 1
8. Scalpel (disposable) 1
9. Blister pack (various disposable items) 1
10 Surgical drape 1
11. Syringe (1 ml with a needle) 1
12. Simulation baby board 1
13. Baby bottle cap (with teat) 1
14. Latex tube-like sheaths 4
15. Suture material (silk or polyester) 1
16. Box insert 1

Note: Minor variation is possible due to availability of items.

Item 14: Use fingers of a small LATEX-FREE glove e.g. Nitrile or PVC for all latex-allergy students.


  • Contains sharp items – be cautious when using sharps and discard in an appropriate biohazard sharps waste container.
  • Intended for simulation training – under the supervision and guidance of a suitably qualified instructor.

Although all the instruments are professionally made – they are NOT intended for clinical/surgical use.

Enjoy practicing this essential surgical/urological skill using your Apprentice Doctor® Circumcision Training Kit!

Apprentice Team