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Phlebotomy Workshop (full booked)

Phlebotomy and IV skills are baseline medical skills – virtually all medical and healthcare professionals need to know how to perform these procedures. During the workshop you will get a short lecture, followed by various instructional videos. The workshop will include: Phlebotomy:

  • Syringe and needle
  • Butterfly needle
  • Vacuum tube
  • Pediatric phlebotomy
  • Sub0cutanelus injection technique
  • Blood glucose determination

Warning – no real clinical drawing blood allowed without the required qualifications!

Drawing blood is a simple technique – but it needs to be performed correctly. Would you like to acquire this skill?

Who: All learners and teachers

Where: King David High School

Date: Wednesday 16 March 2022 Time: 13:45-15:45

Cost (door fee): R150

Certification: An Apprentice Doctor Phlebotomy Workshop Attendance Certificate

Contact: Sr. Annette Klut: [email protected] or KD Apprentice Chapter leader Yakira Aires

Register before or on: 28 February 2022 → → → → → → → 

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