Is a Foreign Degree Accepted by US Medical Schools?

It is difficult for anyone to get into medical school, regardless of the school from which an under-graduate degree is conferred. But if you are a student who has received a foreign degree, your chances of acceptance into a US medical school drop dramatically. If you’re looking to transfer in a foreign degree, be prepared … Read more

Is Your High School Curriculum Preparing You for a Medical Career?

You know you want a medical career, but aren’t confident your high school curriculum is preparing you for it. You may even be unsure what type of healthcare career you want, so the curriculum question is more confusing. You get bombarded with options – far too many to name. You may feel pressure and stress … Read more

Alive, or just breathing.

Last week I completed my Forensics rotation, which is essentially a 5th year medical student’s first exposure to a fresh dead body – 3 cases a day for 5 days. I sound like a bit of a psycho emphasizing the fact that the bodies were, in fact, fresh dead bodies, but allow me to contextualize. … Read more

Suturing practice with fake skin

What is the best material to practice your suturing skills on? Although silicon skin is helpful and convenient for the practice of suturing, it doesn’t always behave like real skin. It looks authentic, but the feel, touch and handling characteristics are imprecise if you’re looking for a genuine experience. That’s why buying high quality silicon … Read more

Overview of Suturing

More commonly known as stitches, a surgical suture is a device used to knit back together body tissues after a surgery done on a person, or because of an injury. The device that is used to do this procedure consists of a needle, and an appropriate length of thread attached to it.