Read About This Proven Way to Sky Rocket Your Chances of Getting Into Medical School

Hey, If you’ve been receiving these Letters from the Doc from the beginning, then by now you should have a much better understanding of whether a career in medical science is for you or not. The strategy I’m going to share with you today is not intended to trick or fool medical school reviewers. They’re … Read more

Wound Management

Let’s take a look at some principles around suturing and wound care. Most of the time, the body is able to close a wound just fine, but sometimes a wound can be so big that a medical professional needs to suture the wound so that it can heal without leaving ugly scars. Let us consider … Read more

A Day in the Life of a Surgeon

Hi Apprentice Doctor!   I was also once at a place in my life where everything seemed so far away and unattainable.   I barely made it into medical school. My scores in high school and pre-med weren’t the shiny example of brilliance you might expect.   But once I was accepted into medical school, … Read more