The Apprentice Doctor® Network of Medical Chapters

The Apprentice Doctor® Network of Medical Chapters are groups of like-minded students who are set on following a career in medicine

Apprentice Doctor® chapters endeavor to:

  • Assist members in reaching their goals and dreams.
  • Offer resources for gaining medical and surgical skills.
  • Promote interaction and the exchange of information and ideas.

Focus chapter of the month: The Texas A&M University Apprentice Doctor® Chapter

Montgomery High School Junior Jarred Howard (right), with Dr. Ben Carson (left) – receiving the 2015 Carson Scholarship The first is a photo of Jarred standing with a bust of the late   Dr. Andrew Taylor Still Promotional event at Texas A&M University, for recruiting prospective members
Jarred Ryan Howard, BA.Bio, CPT, MTE, Dipl. Ap. ’20

MS Education for Health Care Professionals | Texas A&M University

Founder and Graduate Chapter Advisor | The Apprentice Doctor®-Medical Chapter at Texas A&M University

Message from Jarred Howard

Dear Future Apprentice Doctor Chapters,

Firstly, I wish to extend you my sincerest plaudits for your efforts; you are creating a grand opportunity for pre-health students, as they will be exposed to a wide range of stimulating medical sciences, practical skills and career opportunities that other student medical organizations do not offer. Although creating a chapter may seem daunting at first, I must say that looking back at our progress of the Texas A&M University Chapter is both gratifying and rewarding. In addition, because of the scarcity of shadowing and medical opportunities in the local area, the creation of the A&M chapter helped to fulfill this need of medical exposure for our Aggie Pre-Professional Students. In sum, you are helping to bridge the gap, especially in these trying times, and I wish you all the best as your membership grows!

With warm regards,

Jarred Ryan Howard, BA.Bio, CPT, MTE, Dipl. Ap. ’20

Add “leadership” to your résumé by starting an Apprentice Doctor® Medical Chapter at your academic institution (School/college/university) and add significant credits to your portfolio!

 Starting an Apprentice Doctor® Medical Chapter at your academic institution (school/college/university) is so easy!

Prerequisites for students to act as an Apprentice Doctor® Chapter Leader:

  • Academically strong high school students in grade 10 or up or pre-med/pre-healthcare students – year 1 to 4, and living in the USA
  • Students need to have successfully completed the Future Doctors Academy Foundation Medical Course (physical programs or the online distance learning program).
  • If a minor – approval letter from a parent/guardian.
  • Fulfill requirements of your academic institution for establishing a chapter on campus (The Future Doctors Academy will supply leaders with an informational letter as well as a letter of invitation to open an Apprentice Doctor® Medical Chapter).
  • Register as an Apprentice Doctor® Medical Chapter leader by clicking on the  button below.

  • Invite members (send out invitation letters, arrange recruitment events and discuss with relevant teachers/lecturers).
  • The minimum chapter size is the leader and 3 members.
  • Members register here for the Future Doctors Academy Foundation Online Medical course.
  • Chapter leaders (assisted by the chapter office bearers) will guide the chapter members through the Future Doctors Academy Online Foundation Medical Course.
  • The chapter members meet at least once a month (virtual or physical). A suitable topic is covered during the meeting and relevant medical/surgical skills are discussed and practiced.
  • Various medical/healthcare professionals are invited to discuss relevant medical/healthcare topics with the chapter members.
  • It is recommended that all chapter members invest in a Future Doctors Foundation Medical Kit. [Order here]
  • It is recommended that the chapter leader creates an Apprentice Doctor® WhatsApp group (or other chat App group) for easy communication.

If you need assistance let us know. While we want to assist you, we also want to give you as much freedom as possible to move forward –  while adding your own specific touch to the chapter.

My vision is to assist you with your dream of becoming a great medical professional.

Dr. Anton Scheepers and the Future Doctors Academy Team

FFD(SA) MFO-Surg, MDent (Wits Univ)

Director if the Future Doctors Academy

President of the Apprentice Corporation

Apprentice Doctor® is a registered trade name in the USA and a number of other countries